COMMENTARY: Cold-Hearted: Radical Republicans Shut Down Government to Spite Obama

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For African Americans, Obama advisers say, the new health law will address inequities and will increase access to quality, affordable health coverage, invest in prevention and wellness, and give individuals and families more control over their care.

African Americans suffer more disproportionately from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes than the general population and offering affordable health care can help eradicate longstanding health disparities.

So what was the point of shutting down the government? To spite Obama at every opportunity – even it means denying 48 million uninsured Americans access to affordable health care. And here’s a question for Tea Party Republicans: If they are so concerned about balancing the federal budget, then why shut down the government which will cost an estimated $1 billion a week?

It makes absolutely no fiscal sense, but desperate people make desperate decisions. It’s still all about politics – and it’s still about Republicans clinging to the past.

“One faction of one party, in one house of Congress, in one branch of government doesn’t get to shut down the entire government just to re-fight the results of an election,” Obama said.

Think about it: Republicans are so filled with hate that they even threw their own constituents under the bus just to keep Obama from rolling out his Affordable Care Act. It’s cold-hearted, deliberate, and a reckless disregard for poor Americans.

And meanwhile, as Republicans continue to hold America hostage, Obama talked about the financial hardships facing government workers.

“I think it’s important that everybody understand the federal government is America’s largest employer,” Obama said about Tuesday’s government shutdown. “Hundreds of thousands of these dedicated public servants who stay on the job will do so without pay — and several hundred thousand more will be immediately and indefinitely furloughed without pay.”

But House Republicans aren’t worried because they get paid on time no matter how long the government shutdown lasts.

And that’s too bad.

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