When Every Minute Counts

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  • Act fast in the event of a stroke
    Stroke is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. African-Americans have a higher rate of death or disability from stroke than the general U.S. population. But knowledge is power when it comes to stroke.

    “If you know the signs of stroke and get the right medical care quickly, the chances of a good recovery rise dramatically,” says Michel Torbey, MD, medical director of OSU Medical Center’s Neurovascular Stroke Center. “That means calling 911 as soon as you recognize signs in yourself or in someone nearby.”

    When a stroke occurs, the brain’s blood supply is cut off by a clot or by a broken blood vessel. Brain cells begin to die within minutes. A quick diagnosis and delivery of a clot-busting drug or surgery within three to six hours can mean less damage and even full recovery. “That’s why in our business, we say, ‘time is brain,’” Dr. Torbey explains.

    ‘America’s Best’ Stroke Care
    When a stroke patient arrives at The Ohio State University Medical Center, the highly trained stroke team is prepared to fight for a good outcome. “Comprehensive care is not just a buzzword in the OSU Stroke Center,” says team member Eric Sauvageau, MD, who is dually trained as a neurological and endovascular surgeon. Round-the-clock stroke intervention includes dual-trained physicians who each specialize in more than one aspect of stroke care. That means less time must be spent tracking down specialists as needs arise. It’s also one of many reasons why U.S.News& World Report ranks Ohio State’s Neurology and Neurosurgery program among “America’s Best.”

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