How To Start Going Natural NOW!

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  • So you want to go natural, but have no clue where to start. The truth is if you have made the decision to go natural, you’re already in the game. Here are five more simple things that will get you started on your journey back to natural and healthy hair today!

    I went natural about 10 years ago because perms were starting to break my hair off. I didn’t do what we now refer to as a “big chop.” I gradually let the perm grow out, getting slightly more off than usual when it came time for trims. Over the course of time I still used heat on my hair. I would use a flat iron every 1 or 2 weeks. Today, I only use heat every few months. My reason for remaining natural and using minimal heat is simply because I want my hair to feel, look and be healthy.

    1. Stop Getting Perms

    The first and most important step is to stop getting relaxers. Whether you got a perm four weeks ago or yesterday, let that be your last. You have to be okay with not getting perms again and this comes with having a desire to get the overall health of your hair back. So save your money and leave the perms at the door.

    2. Embrace Your Own Hair

    This is probably the hardest thing for women to do. You have to learn how to love your hair. It’s okay to have “hair crushes” and inspiration for how we would like our hair to look, but we have to be realistic about what we have on our own heads. Realize that most likely your hair will not look like anyone else’s, because it’s your hair!

    3. Big Chop Vs. Transition

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