Studies Show Women Are Cheating Now More Than Ever

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2. Social Stigmas Lifted

“Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen a more relaxed approach to sex in general. I attribute this the media, tv shows like ‘Sex in the City,’ ‘Cougartown,’ ‘Single Ladies‘ and others. These shows glamorize casual and predatory sex among women. I also attribute it to the Internet and the ease with which people can “hook up” on line and subsequently in the bed room. Another factor that we can’t ignore is the debate we’ve had over the last decade around gay marriage. These debates have enabled us to look at the institution of marriage as a dynamic institution that should served people equally and meet people’s emotional and sexual needs.”


3. Sexual Attitudes Changed

“One of the most surprising phenomenas I’ve seen in my practice is the permissiveness with which parents approach their daughter’s sexuality. One of the mothers who I was treating talked about her 19-year-old daughter’s sexual escapades as if she was just accepted into an elite college. ‘The last guy who slept over was hot, hot hot,’ she said, practically salivating. She failed to see how inappropriate it was for a 43-year-old woman to be viewing her 19-year-old daughter as a friend, rather than a child who need to learn moderation and responsibility around sex. I think this approach is endemic among parents of millennials. The are raising a generation of self absorbed children who do not have an appreciation for true intimacy and an authentic connection with another human being.”

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