Ja Rule and Irv Gotti Talk Cheating on Wives, Superhead & Lots More

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  • With Ja Rule fresh out of jail and hookin’ up with Irv Gotti, it was like the good ol’ days of Murder Inc. as the two former music power players reunited Thursday morning on the Power 105 “Breakfast Club” show for some candid comments.

    During their gabfest, Irv and Ja spoke about everything from their marital woes to drug addictions and lots, lots more.

    Here’s some of what they had to say:

    On the longevity of their friendship:

    Gotti: “We’re good guys!”

    Ja: “That’s my brother. We been rocking and rolling for a long time. It’s deeper than just music and what we do business wise. It’s a real love. Our families are close. Our boys and everything… it’s just a family thing.”

    On Gotti blowing up his business relationship with J.Lo:

    Gotta: “It was an ‘Elle’ Magazine interview, she was on the cover. I was high, I just got off the phone with Tommy Motolla. It was an argument, I was heated. I hang the phone up, the next cell was, ‘It’s ‘Elle’ we need some quotes for J.Lo.’ And this interview was crazy. I was like, ‘Yeah? You want some quotes? What’s up?!’ I was high on like three ecstasy pills so I’m floating and angry. So they were like, ‘We asked J.Lo and she said “I’m Real” ain’t about Puffy,’ and I was like ‘What? She lying.’ Irv also joked that his friendship with J. Lo ended when he told ELLE that she had a “weak” voice and needs a man like him to produce her because she couldn’t compete with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

    On popping ecstasy:

    Gotti: “Ecstasy was good. We made all of those records you love and we was very high. Rule was a maniac. Everyday he would wake up with a bottle of Remy. Do you know what’s that’s doing to your liver? You wake up, no OJ, no water. You wake up with a liter of Remy Martin. Then when we was making a lot of paper, he would wake up with Cristal. I’m like, yo man, Nino Brown man, get my man a straw.”

    Ja: “Those were the days.”

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