6 Reasons You May Need To Delete Your Facebook Account

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You’d Rather “Inbox” A Person Than Dial Their Phone Number

It finally happened. You’ve become one with your Facebook account, and those real-world friends who aren’t on FB are no longer of importance to you.

Now you share every tidbit of your life on Facebook and depend on status updates to communicate with the world, even if it means becoming an introverted, anti-social hermit. You often find yourself with crooks and knots in your neck from looking down so much and constant headaches from squinting. You are in addict and are possibly in need of help, both physical and mental.

The part of your brain that once housed phone numbers and addresses is now only used to hunt down old friends and ex-colleagues in the search bar. You see buddies from back in the day and when they mention giving you a call, without hesitation, you reply, “Hit me on FB, bro!” But everybody isn’t on Facebook, even though you refuse to believe otherwise. At this point, it’s safe to say that you have no life and need to turn back before it’s too late.

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