Facebook Status Update overload

You Update Your Status Every 30 Minutes (Sometimes Just To Say You’re Bored)

You wake up every morning and grab for your phone before you grab breakfast or even your life partner and that is all bad.

Before you know it, you’re more concerned with your battery dying because you’d hate to miss an opportunity to tell your FB friends how awesome your day is, rather than not being able to call your ride or the paramedics if need be. You now officially rely on Facebook as your personal bullhorn, shouting and spouting to no one in particular, but don’t let your friend count fool you; they stopped listening some time ago. What you’ve done is actively replace real life relationships with social media and I’m sure that’s some sort of mental disorder. Not to mention, it’s all fun and games until bill collectors find you because you’re on their so much.

If you find yourself talking to the screen while you type or refreshing your page to see the amount of interaction that may not even be taking place, it’s probably time to put the device down and go to the mall or an amusement park or something. Worst case scenario, have some kids, because they always need someone to talk to.

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