Miley Cyrus Thinks Being Black Is About How Big Your Butt Is

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Partially, I think we (Blacks) are to blame, somewhat for her behavior. We are the ones who laughed when her tongue hung out her mouth while she humped a giant teddy bear. In fact, from her candid conversation with writer Josh Eells we learned that Kanye gave her the ultimate compliment before she hit the VMA stage. ‘There are not a lot of artists I believe in more than you right now” and afterwards told her “I still can’t quit thinking about your performance.”

Cyrus is obsessed with what she thinks is the Black culture, but she hasn’t done enough research to realize what  exactly it is.

Read the full interview, here.

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3 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Thinks Being Black Is About How Big Your Butt Is

  1. I think Miley really wants to be like Rhianna personally. I think she really wants to be black and accepted by blacks. She is a lilly white disney girl and there is NOTHING wrong with that. I think she has some mental issues. She is obviously rebelling against something. SHe has transitioned FROM the wholesome disney girl to the hot mess we all see now. Justin hasn’t made THAT transition yet. I think that is what she means. There are plenty of women who are NOT black who have big booties. There are plenty black women who don’t have big booties. Having a big booty doesn’t make you black. There are some genetic explantions about it, but it doesn’t make you “black”. I don’t care who she dancese with or what kind of freaky dancing she does, she will not be taken seriously and she will be looked upon as Disney Miley who has a few screws loose.

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