HS Student Expelled Over A Piece Of Paper

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Despite witness statements contradicting the teacher’s account and the fact that Kyle had not ever been in trouble before, he was expelled under Michigan’s “Zero Tolerance Law,” which states any student who assaults a teacher must be expelled – and not just from their school, but from any Michigan public or charter school for one year.

Watch ACLU video of Kyle talking about his suspension below:

Fox 2 tried getting in contact with the teacher but was not successful. The news station did get a statement from the Farmington Hills School District which questioned the explosion but conceded it can do nothing to reverse it.

“Farmington Public Schools is prohibited by federal confidentiality laws from disclosing information of this type or even acknowledging if an incident like this occurred. The issue raised in this petition presents an opportunity for citizens to examine zero tolerance laws in Michigan. The state legislature has mandated that an assault by a student against a teacher requires a one year expulsion from all public schools within the state.

This is known as a zero tolerance law.

In Farmington, we strive to consider each student and any incident separately and individually, taking all facts and circumstances into account. The zero tolerance law passed by our legislature takes that ability away from us and requires all assaults to be treated the same. It is up to state policy makers to revise these zero tolerance laws, and until that happens, we will continue to follow our legal mandates as they are.”

But Kyle, his mother and the ACLU are fighting back with a Change.org petition, which asks that the teen be placed back in school where he belongs. So far, more than 1,830 people have signed it.

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