George Zimmerman Divorce on Hold; He Can’t be Found to be Served

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  • We hope Shellie Zimmerman has a plan b as far as serving George Zimmerman with divorce papers.

    Yes, what we’re trying to say is that the divorce proceedings are on hold because the Zman’s gone ghost.

    The divorce can’t move forward until George is served with papers, but Shellie’s lawyer tells TMZ, George has gone underground.

    The lawyer says he can’t find George anywhere and has no idea how to track him down.

    Sources close to George’s family tell us they’re in contact with him — and he’s safe — but they don’t know exactly where he is. We’re told George plans to lay low for the foreseeable future.

    As we reported, George Zimmerman caused a media firestorm last week after allegedly punching his estranged wife’s father in the face. He’s been in hiding ever since.

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    13 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Divorce on Hold; He Can’t be Found to be Served

    1. Dear Starr and anyone else on this sight. Please do not bother to respond to JanCorey. He has been on this site for over a year now ( ever since the Trayvon Martin case) simply trying to instigate. He has never been interested in any kind of objective dialogue. His sole purpose is to lend his racism and bigotry into this conversation. Just leave him to himself and dont respond or answer his quiries. He isnt worth it. He is being paid by Ted Nugent and his cohorts to distort any perspecitve on matters of race, let him have fun with himself.

    2. Jan Corey, somebody need to pray for you because you have shown your ignorance and stupidity just by what you have posted and to call someone you know nothing about a punk show just how delusional you really are. George Zimmerman is nothing but a coward and always run and hide after he has created havoc. He can not hide forever. He and his his followers will burn in hell, remember, you reap what you sow.

      • Starr Onebrown, thanks much for any prayers and same for you too. I am not ignorant or stupid as you so incorrectly claim. I am, however, simply relying upon proven facts and the court record to point out many of the errors that many people still have regarding this case. Sometimes, like you S.O., they attack and name-call as a result of their own embarrassment of not being as well-educated as they first thought, but I hope your lack of knowledge simply motivates you and others to better themselves and to start a research of the facts and the court files that they clearly represent an appearance of not being fully understood. George has been anything but a coward, at least if you came to that consensus by looking at the facts. How many people have you saved since his Acquittal in a motor vehicle accident S.O.? I suspect zero. So, Starr, you are welcome for the facts and your up-dated description that you are an apparent troll.

    3. Good for George for not being served on that issue by the convicted-liar filing for divorce, I hope she struggles with this and encores expenses beyond her abilities to pay because George Zimmerman deserves a break from the drama after defending himself from an attack from a illegally-high-punk-Trayvon; proven in a court opf law. Now might be a great time to follow-up with charges and lawsuits against Trayvon’s parents for allowing such a predator to go unsupervised for so long endangering our communities. LWOP for each if you ask me.

        • Anita, the educated-viewers will pray for you as you should at least try, imo, to not go directly to Hell where you are clearly going when you are no longer here on this earth in a form that can type on the internet. May I suggest that you not allow the facts to continue to scare you so much, the facts and your apparent-position make you look super-uninformed.

        • Mike, can’t take it to another site since I have never posted any crap, as you so incorrectly assert, ever, anywhere. But, Mike, your comment does prove you are a troll as you cannot even comment upon the topic of the blog. George Zimmerman for President of the United States of America!

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