Porsha Stewart Questions Husband Kordell’s Sexuality On ‘RHOA’s New Season [VIDEO]

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  • On the last season of Bravo’s reality show mega-hit the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA), Porsha Stewart and her former NFL playing hubby, Kordell, appeared solid as a rock. Just a few months after the 5th season ended the Stewart’s put on their boxing gloves and let ‘er rip in an Atlanta courtroom as they battled over property and money in a divorce that was reportedly ignited by Kordell.

    Now as the sixth season of “RHOA” begins on November 7th, Porsha, who was her husband’s staunchest supporter despite rumors about his alleged homosexuality, appears to be implying that he is gay.

    In March, Porsha claimed she was thrown for a loop when her husband sideswiped her with the news that he wanted a divorce from her; reportedly, the young socialite learned about the impending break-up via Twitter. At the time, Porsha said she was lying in bed as her social media account began to go haywire, she told ABC News, ”I saw on Twitter that my husband has filed for divorce.”

    Reportedly unsure about her marital status, Porsha approached Kordell, who was reportedly down the hall from their bedroom, to ask whether there was any validity to the Twitter posting.  “It wasn’t a confrontation,” she explained. “It was me just simply asking my husband, ‘Had you filed?’ He said he thought about it and we’ll talk about it later, and he left for work. I had to call my attorney to find out.”

    In the midst of those events, Kordell’s alleged past homosexual dalliances came to the fore — and Porsha stood by her man.

    But now it appears that things have changed!

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    2 thoughts on “Porsha Stewart Questions Husband Kordell’s Sexuality On ‘RHOA’s New Season [VIDEO]

    1. I didn’t hear anything about Porcha being accused of having an affair. As far as I know/remember, he accused her of staying out all night and not having her priorities straight.

    2. OK, someone PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Porcha accused of having an affair? We who live in glass houses should NOT throw stones!!! If she knew their were questions about his sexuality, why marry him OR why talk about him NOW?? These people will say anything on these reality shows to keep the ratings up, true or not.

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