Janelle Monae Addresses Lesbian Rumors

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Originally seen on http://theurbandaily.com/

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4 thoughts on “Janelle Monae Addresses Lesbian Rumors

  1. So what you are sayin is that gays are the new racist. You really think you are better than me just because you are gays. Shamefull. Homosexuality is a sin. It is a offense to God and to nature. Get over yourself. The only reason you are acting this way is because our current political atmosphere has turned on Christians. But that will all change soon. Who ever runs for president in 2016. Republican or Democrat I am voting for the Christian. Last two elections I voted for Obama because I thought he would help blacks. How wrong was I. Now as a Christian I see my beliefs taking a back set to the Gay agenda.

  2. Gays are more talented than any other race on this planet. Just admit it that you need us. Besides don’t hate us just because you can’t come to terms with your own sexuality.

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