Mom Outraged After Teacher Tells Child Not To Use God For Assignment

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  • Erica Shead is reportedly furious at a Lucy Elementary teacher, because she reportedly informed Shead’s 10-year-old that she could not name God as an idol for an assignment, according to the WREG-TV.

    After Shead’s daughter, Erin, who attends Lucy Elementary in Memphis, Tenn., reportedly selected God as her idol for her classroom assignment, an unnamed teacher reportedly told her to select another more appropriate idol.

    The child ended up choosing the King of Pop Michael Jackson as a runner-up to God.


    The miffed Mom, who is Christian, took the matter in question up with the school’s principal and demanded answers for the way her daughter was treated by the teacher.  Shead told WREG-TV, “How can you tell this baby, that’s a Christian, what she can say and what she can’t say,” the Mom said.

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    5 thoughts on “Mom Outraged After Teacher Tells Child Not To Use God For Assignment

      • The public school where I volunteer does not allow the discussion of religion, but accepts religious projects. Consequently, I have no idea if the grade is based on the homework [that is handed in].

    1. It is so sad that the teacher failed to recognize that the child sees God as her true beloved; that is what the Bible teaches us [to do]. Furthermore, the Bible teaches us to teach our children about Him; thankfully, this mother taught her child as she was instructed.

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