Ed Asner Says Stars Fear Appearing ‘Anti-Black’ Over Obama Criticism

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Not to mention, there have also been Hollywood liberals who have spoken out against President Obama. This includes Matt Damon, who in the past has publicly taken issue with Obama’s policies. Only a month ago, Damon was asked about Obama’s second term, and he quipped, ”He broke up with me.”

Then Damon got specific:

“There are a lot of things that I really question, you know: the legality of the drone strikes, and these NSA revelations. He’s got some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor.”

Damon said all of this to BET.

As far as I know, the interviewer did not hear this and shout out in response, “YOU HATE THE BLACKS, MATT! YOU HATE THE DAMN BLACKS!” Moreover, I’m certain that if you pulled Matt back to that seat and asked him about Syria, he would continue to be critical of Obama.

Asner has a point about there not being as great of a push-back to Obama’s call for military strikes in Syria as there was a decade ago when President George W. Bush banged the war drums for an invasion of Iraq. It shouldn’t be hard to peg why, though.

In fact, Asner himself said, “We had a million people in the streets, for Christ’s sake, protesting Iraq, which was about as illegal as you could find. Did it matter? Is George Bush being tried in the high courts of justice?”

So he recognizes that people are complacent…but somehow thinks Hollywood liberals not speaking out in droves has more to do with race. He recognizes Bush toyed with both facts and international law to go to war — although Obama has not — but somehow thinks the likes of Barbara Streisand aren’t all over CNN condemning Obama over Syria because of race.

Gee, I can see how some might suddenly start to question whether Asner is “anti-Black.”

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