Judicial Tenure Committee: Suspend Freak Judge Wade McCree

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    The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission is recommending that Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade McCree (pictured) be suspended, sans pay, for as long as six years for carrying on an illicit affair with a woman who had a case before him, reports The Detroit Free Press.

    The Detroit judge came under scrutiny and was suspended last February, when his extramarital affair was first uncovered. McCree, who has been married 25 years, began his affair with Geniene La’Shay Mott, a woman who brought her ex-boyfriend into court on felony charges that he was not making child support payments.  The judge admitted to “lusting” after the woman who is twenty-six years his junior. McCree is 56 and Mott is 30.

    LAAccording to the commission McCree’s actions were irresponsible and eroded the public’s confidence, particularly since he continued to handle Mott’s child support case after their affair had begun. The May-December affair, which began in June of last year, went on for five months and the judge has testified in the past that it began because he was “lonely.”

    He also went on to state, “Certain things weren’t as wonderful as I would have liked in my 25 years of  marriage. … I was vulnerable but my nose was open. I knew what I was doing.”

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