David Mann Appears in New Faith-Based Film ‘The Ultimate Life’

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    David Mann may be best known for his run on the Tyler Perry TV show “Meet The Browns” where his real-life wife Tamela played his daughter, but he’s now branching out to movies. Mann plays Hobo Joe in the faith-based movie “The Ultimate Life,” alongside Peter Fonda and Lee Meriweather.

    “A bum with a message,” Mann says of his role, one of the rare serious roles in his career so far. Mann says that it has some parallel to his real -life struggles with wife Tamela. The couple was once so broke they didn’t have windshield wipers.

    “We couldn’t go nowhere,” says Mann. “We had the bright idea to just tie to clothes hangers to the windshield and just roll on. We were wet when we got there, but we made it. That’s a true story.”

    The Manns, who have been married over 20 years, remarried this year, since they’d never had a wedding.

    “Truth be told, and don’t you tell Tam this, I will never do that again. It was drama. Who to invite, where to go, etc. We could have just took a trip for all that money.”

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