COMMENTARY: King Kids are Mocking MLK’s Legacy

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I don’t know who is right or wrong, but clearly the King family’s issues date back years. In 2009, Bernice King and Martin Luther King III sued their brother Dexter.

They accused him of excluding them from decisions, withholding documents and refusing to hold a shareholder meeting for five years. They also claimed he had used the estate “for his own benefit” and that the assets may have been “misapplied or wasted”.

So four years ago, the feud was driven by Bernice King and Martin Luther King III who ganged up on Dexter, and today Martin Luther King III and Dexter have closed ranks and are suing their sister, Bernice.

It’s a sorry situation for the King family who so many have looked to for inspiration and family values. But not anymore.

King would be disappointed – and perhaps heartbroken – to know that his three children are embroiled in a public scandal over his estate. Is it all about the money? Or power? Or control?

Why can’t they all just get along?

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive,” King once said.

It’s too bad his children weren’t listening.

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6 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: King Kids are Mocking MLK’s Legacy

  1. I think it is also a matter of respect. I have 8 siblings and am not the oldest. Both of our parents are deceased. Our parents taught us to respect our elders. Despite our differences as siblings, we have survived intact by deferring to our elders, while respectfully disagreeing with them. Mind you, we do not have the financial temptations that the surviving King siblings do. But, I think the principle should apply here. Bernice, show more respect to your older brother. BTW, he is an educated Black man; he is on the endangered “species” list. (See Galatians 6:1-2).

  2. How can the King children speak on behalf of their father or mother with the fighting going on amongst them? I pray that their is someone who can talk some sense into them, so they can stop making a mockery of themselves and their deceased parents. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME and more SHAME!!!!!!!!

  3. Known in the Civil Rights Circle of Atlanta – The kids have always fought but its been more apparent since Mrs. King was illness and death; and then Yolanda’s death. There’s a lot of stuff yes stuff there. I believe this is power move by the brothers because each resigned when it was clear their vision did not match the board. I think they believe the board is guiding Bernice and since those 80-somethings are still around the time is now to get control of the Center and implement their vision.

    As far as the legacy there is only grandchild. I hope that Bernice fights for this piece of her legacy. She seems more apt to just step down when the going gets tough (SCLC and Bishop DL). I’m praying for the people that lived in the nice little house on Sunset.

  4. Dr. and Mrs. King must be turning over in their grave, their great legacy ends with their greedy and ungrateful children, SHAME on them.

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  6. Martin Luther King was bigger than his I have a dream speech he was an agent of change.
    Read Kings crisis in Americas cities and see the real King and his real vision of reality in America. I hate the fact that so many people try to place the man and his legacy in a box every year they make him seem more and more like an mythological character and not a real man.

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