Black Pastor Says ‘Only White People’ Should Greet Church Visitors

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“Too black,” she said. ”It wasn’t a conclusion that I drew. It was something I read.”

Pennycooke then acknowledges the request is a “sensitive situation” and said quality trumps quantity.

“We would rather have less greeters on the front door if it means that the few that we have will represent us the best,” Pennycooke wrote.

A spokesperson sent an email attempting to clean up the situation by stating that Pennycooke was trying to show the church’s diversity. But members aren’t buying it.

What do you think?

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43 thoughts on “Black Pastor Says ‘Only White People’ Should Greet Church Visitors

  1. Romans 5:8 says “But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” That’s the only reason to join church.

  2. Hey, the good Rev is after the big bucks that white victors would bring. He is making a business decision not a spiritual decision and certainly not a cultural decision. Apparently money talks louder than church as a safe haven and refuge for the forsaken and weary.

  3. Cracka
    What question is that. You plucked out so many stupid posts to me, I must have missed it, unless it was a rhetorical question, of which I am sure you know doesn’t require an answer. And exactly how am I a racist. Point out one thing I said that would state that I am a racist idiot. You can’t because there aren’t any. White people like you always like to throw out the word ANGRY. How am I angry idiot. My tone is not more abrasive than yours is, but when white people have a hostile tone, they’re not considered ANGRY. What a laugh. If you are a man, you are a poor excuse for one. And I wish you’d stop pretending to be black. You do a poor job at pretending and lying. Black people do not talk negatively of Black people, while simultaneously acting like White people are the saviors of the world. And you nor I, know what would have been possible in Africa, had White people not taken over, as they did with America. My success has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with White people. No one gave me anything except my parents. They gave me an education. I had no student loans nor financial aid. I had a Coverdale as well as a 529 educational fund which provided for me and my sister. And I don’t think anything because I am black, other than the fact that I am a beautiful child of God. And I have no idea what bad conduct you are referencing. I hope you do not think that you are coming off as a saint. The only thing you are coming off as is a bad actor portraying a black person. You sit there and try to quote these false statements about Africans killing people, while simultaneously ignoring all the crap that white people constantly do to minorities, like voter suppression and the constant police brutality, racial profiling. None of that mean anything to white people like you, because you see black people in one light. But it matters not, because we are here to stay. We built this country on the backs of our ancestor’s hard free labor. So live with it, or SUFFER.

    • Stephanie, the race card blame game is getting played out. You blame everyone and accept no responsibility. BLACKS MURDER OVER TWICE AS MANY WHITES EVERY YEAR AS WHITE PEOPLE MURDER BLACKS, Confirmed 2011 crime stats, blacks murdered 448 whites, whites murdered 193 blacks:
      White Murder Victims: 3,172 (2,630 murdered by white / 448 murdered by
      Black Murder Victims: 2,695 (193 murdered by white / 2,447 murdered by

      White people are harming the black community by not reporting the truth and not requiring blacks to o adhere to the same standards as everyone else. Everything is whitey’s fault? Hardly, it’s all on you. Instead of screaming about white people and slavery, go clean up your hoods and parent your children. Instead of screaming at white people, go heap scorn on the women birthing children they don’t care for and can’t support. Go scream at the black men running about creating children and welfare burdens that they don’t support. Until you do this, the black community will be in fail mode. That’s just where Democrats and Rev. Al want you though, because when the black community starts to stand on its own, like you, it won’t need Democrats and Rev. Al.

      • Before white people started killing blacks and God knows what else, black people were ALL Black people in America were God fearing people who loved to sing, worship and take care of family. White people are the ones who introduced the devil into this country, not the other way around. I am not blaming anything on white people. I don’t have to, the blame lies where it needs to go. White people started the mass killings of Black people not the other way around. White people killed so many black people in the post slavery era that it made no sense at all. People were allowed to carry fire arms at will and those b@stards used them to kill anyone who tried to end segregation and be afforded equality. Black people FINALLY, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FINALLY got tired of being killed and the LAWless, doing absolutely nothing to the murders. So the BPP was formed. And look what happened once black people started defending themselves. The govt outlawed carrying fire arms. This country was meant to protect the liberties of white people. And believe , I do not need you to accept that fact. You sit by and act like white people do not hate black people because we are no longer slaves. because a lot of us are doing much better than they are, because their white women are marrying black men (WHITE MEN JUST HATE THAT) And while you are trying to list every negative thing you can possible think of, why don’t you take a gander at the following. White boys get drunk and wasted more than anybody in this country. The majority of vehicular homicide yearly is caused by white men. Why don’t you try talking to these young white kids who have everything given to them under the sun, but are miserable and mentally handicapped because their parents show them no attention or love, so they wind up blowing up schools and universities. And talk about black women not raising or caring for kids, how about the fact that white women raise their daughters to be gold diggers. Becky, make sure you brush your hair 300 times each night, and keep your skin perfect, no doctor wants an ugly bride. Tell your young white sisters to stop stalking football stadiums searching for a rich man to marry. And they really need to be told to stop getting boob jobs. CANCER IS NO JOKE. And while you’re at it, tell your white police officers that they need to stop becoming police officers , because they were bullied in their childhood years and they want pay back now that they have a gun and immunity. The race card cannot be played if there was no card to be played. REMEMBER THAT.

  4. Cracka
    You may fool others on this thread but you are not fooling me. I doubt very seriously if you are a black person. You sound just like those bitter, weak minded racist white boys, who hate the fact that black people speak the truth. If you are black, which I doubt, you are one of those blacks who have been svcking white d!ck for years. But I refuse to believe you are black. Black people , even the ones who feel that a lot of black people make the race look bad. DO NOT DESCRIBE OUR ISSUES IN THE TONE THAT WHITE PEOPLE DO. You are fooling no one idiot. And you can pluck things about welfare, and ill raised children all you want weak boy, it matters not to me. I nor any of my family members have ever received govt assistance and I have no children. You are so elementary. Don’t you know Psychology101 is obsolete. I guess your counterparts haven’t told you this.

    • Stephanie, you’ve never answered my questions as you said you would after I answered yours, which I did. You’re a racist. However, you think that because you are black that you have a built in excuse for bad conduct. Who hacked to death a million people in Rwanda in the 90s? White people? You act like a spoiled child with no concept of reality. Do you think you would have health clubs and success in Africa? What country gave you that opportunity? America did. And America is 77% white. What more do you want? Why are you so angry at white people, who are the majority in the country where you claim such success? You sound spoiled and foolish and you too should drop down on your knees and thank God that you were born an American. What kind of money and life you could you make for yourself in Kenya, Stephanie? You’ve been there. Give it a rest, grow up.

  5. @ Cracka
    Saying hold your noose does not show anything but the FACT, that you are UPSET and RATTLED that I said that to you, so you wanted to use the term SLAVE to depict me, because you and white people like you think that really gets to a black person. Good try, but sorry, people like you never phase me. And if you didn’t care about anyone’s race, you wouldn’t be on here trying to rebuttal, what other people feel about that pastor, you would just leave your comment about what you felt, instead of trying to chastise others. And you said something else that white people always say, and that is that I am blaming white people for my problems. What problems do I have CRACKA. I am a very successful sister at the age of 28. I have two fitness centers in NY, one in Soho and one is upper Midtown Manhattan. I have an extremely talented family, being the second cousin to Dionne Warwick and first cousin to my departed cousin Whitney Elizabeth Houston. Have tons and tons of friends celebrity and non. Very close to Sherri Shepard, have a condo in Jersey City, NJ and belong t a loving Baptist church in Newark, NJ. I don’t know why you THINK you’re not an idiot, but hey, whatever gets you there. And so what you have traveled place. So have I. I’ve gone to Kenya twice, to Japan and Portugal. Not to mention loads of other countries, that I travelled to, before you needed a passport, like Jamaica, London, and PR. For some reason people like you seem to think that just because you have travelled outside of the country it AUTOMATICALLY makes you well rounded or open minded. It does not. The only thing that gives you over people who have not travelled, are more AIR MILES. So please go somewhere and try this crap with someone sister who is phased by you. I am definitely not one of them. And for you to be a so-called black person, you chose a stupid screen name. But then again, maybe it is apropos for you

  6. Open Question to Stephanie and Croozcntrl : Since you have such a problem with America, “racism”, and white people, would you prefer it if your ancestors had never been sold as slaves by Africans? That is, would you rather have stayed in Africa because you like to b!tch and whine about America so much? Can you answer this intelligently without hooting and flailing about?

    • @Cracka

      Hold your noose. In the first place, you seem to love giving partial facts don’t you. Black people may have been said to have sold other Africans, but there are also writings that White people tricked and in some instances forced Africans into selling other Africans to them. They went to Africa, was greeted with hospitality, which is what Africans were known for. Learned all about different tribes. And all the long, they had ulterior motives. These evil devils had arms in which to be forceful and we all know that they had the diabolical thought process that Africans were not used to. Also, there are scores of tribes who did not agree to their trickery, refused their proposition and they were killed. White people went to the strongest tribes who they knew were able to take over the weaker tribes. They told these tribes, nothing of the torture that Africans would endure. So, what I would have preferred is that White people had stayed their evil asses in Europe and England and never came to either what is now called America or what is now called Africa.
      If White people had not gone to Africa Africans would be doing so much better, because they’d be in charge of all the riches and resources that is AFRICA. But, no the Great and Powerful White race, has to always be in control and have power over everything on God’s earth. And while I am at it, Cracka, I have a question for you, just one simple question. Since you want to mention White Christians. In the bible, it clearly gives a distinct description of Jesus Christ. So tell me, how come in every single Bible in the USA the picture of Jesus Christ is of a White man with straight Brown hair and Blue eyes.? Can you answer that without Flailing?

      • To Stephanie: “Hold your noose”. Don’t you understand that comments like that are what make you an idiot slave? The mistake you make is assuming I care about anyone’s race. I don’t. I care about the truth and people doing right, being responsible, independent, and good. That includes the race or appearance of Jesus. Jesus was not a “white” European nor was he really an African, though he was closer to African than European I guess. Jesus was a semite. Look it up. However, that really makes no difference because our DNA shows that we are ALL essentially “Africans”. It is generally accepted that genetically modern humans, all of us, originated in Africa 250,000 years ago. So, Jesus was originally an African just like you and just like me. I could care less about Jesus’ skin tone, whether he was pink, café au lait colored, or the color of Hershey’s special dark. Does that answer your questions? As for “racism” it exists everywhere there are humans and will always exist as long as there are ignorant and fearful people. That includes black, white, and Asian racism. Black people are just as racist as whites. I know this because I’ve been out in the world and am not an idiot.

      • Stephanie, obviously you are angry and failing, and blaming others. Quit blaming others’ for your problems. Once you take responsibility for yourself, your children, your neighborhood, things will turn around. By ridiculously blaming white people you not only make a fool of yourself but you define yourself by white people. NOW, try answering MY QUESTIONS. I answered yours.

  7. “MAAFA” – I just looked that insanity up. Do black people really believe this, or is this the black equivalent of Klan idiocy? “Atrocities inflicted upon African people”? What, you mean like Rwanda? Slavery? Are facts and reality important, or do this get ditched in favor of bull$hit? The French military intervention in Mali freed about 200,000 black slaves kept in slavery by guess who? Other black Africans. Black Africans captured and sold black slaves to whomever would buy them, including other black African slave buyers. They still do. Want to convert to Islam? Anybody know who / what religion was heavily involved in slavery and atrocities and still is? Anybody want to guess who played the biggest role in eliminating slavery? Here’s a hint: White Christians. Anybody want to guess who plays the biggest role in slavery and perpetuating it today? Here’s a hint: Black Africans and Islamic Arabs. Now, you can rant, rave, screech “racism” and get off topic all you want, but the above are facts. Ask Prof. Louis Gates (whom I respect as a stand up man and honest scholar).

    • Cracka,

      First of all nobody would ever listen to your racist rhetoric, unless they were void of all faculties given to human beings. In the first place, nothing you said has any documented facts, so unless you can provide them keep it moving. It is a proven fact that White Americans are, have been and will always be the most evil and mean spirited people on the face of the earth. Everyone knows it, including you. White people not only enslaved Africans, but they tortured, murdered, raped, whipped, humiliated them and they did this for hundreds of years. You can try to talk about Africans selling other Africans all you want, but the bottom line is that White people have killed millions for the sake of wanting to be superior to every living thing on the planet. And they did it while holding the bible. They killed millions in front of their children. Raped black women (who they claim they weren’t attracted to) took family members away from their children and spouses and sold them to other white devils hundreds of miles away. And when that lifetime of horror was over, Jim Crow came and stayed forever and the tea Party is even trying to bring that era back. So you can sit on your arse and spew whatever rhetoric you want to, white people will never live down all of those hundreds of years they allowed the devil to use them, while proudly saying that it was God.

      • Stephanie, you are beaming from Planet Negro, from your intergalactic black hallucination excuse world, which is why all the race baiting and husltin’ you do is starting to wear thin. More and more white people are starting to get acute NF or “Negro Fatigue”. You’re less than 13% of the population and you do over 51% of the murders and over 70% of the armed robberies. You murder twice as many whites as whites murder blacks. You account for 39% of welfare (whites account for 38% and are 77% of the population) Do the math, look it up you shrieking clown. You ignore facts and instead resort to opinions and BS. It’s intellectually lazy. Grow up. What are you going to do when people just quit listening to your bull$hit? You’re a victim of your own excuse mongering and race hustle. That’s why you b!tch and moan blaming whitey for your own failures in personal accountability and responsibility. Quit being a slave to the gubmint and a pawn of Al Sharpton and white socialists. You’re getting played. Meanwhile, black hoods are wastelands of violence, decay, drugs, and thuggery. Whose fault is that? You don’t have to be rich to rear kids properly and clean up after yourself.

  8. This is why I submit that the message of today’s churches are TOXIC to Black people.The god of the bible is the god that they gave us…not the one we had. Remember? Historicaly we were Forced into this religion of Christianity or faced death. Remember? We have a rich and enviable history as Africans. Remember? Remember! Remember! You are African or you are nothing. We are in MAAFA. Go back and fetch what you do have lost.

    • croozcntrl said “Remember! Remember! You are African or you are nothing. We are in MAAFA. Go back and fetch what you do have lost.” And I thought “Sexy Leroy” was an idiot. You take the idiot prize on this thread. Croozcntrl, the problem with America is idiots like you. Do you even know anything about slavery and Africa? If we dropped your dumb a$$ off in Africa you’d be dead in a week, having either starved to death or hacked to death by your “brother Africans”, many of whom detest American blacks more than American whites because they think you are spoiled lowbagging clowns. You do know that the median annual wage in Africa is about $900 a year don’t you? Ever been to Africa? The life you live in America is basically how their “rich” people and royalty live. Obviously, you don’t know anything about history. Ask Prof. Louis Gates. He’ll tell you that your silly dumb a$$ ended up here because the ancestors of your “brother Africans” in African captured your family and instead of simply chopping them up and stealing their goats they sold your ancestors as slaves to other Africans, Arabs, and yes, Europeans. Your ancestors paid the price for you to be an American and if you had half a brain you’d drop down on your knees every night and thank God you are an American.

      If not, nothing is stopping you from going back to Africa where you can work dawn to dusk just to eat. You silly brown clown.

  9. The first thing they should do is change the name how dare she call that church freedom house!perfect example everyone is not a preacher anyone that sits under this so called pastor is crazy

  10. 1. So she really wants a rainbow congregation…white up front, asian in the middle and the blacks in the back….
    2. We cant be at the front door, but she is in the pulpit?

  11. I’m sorry, but I cannot understand how anyone could see this as anything other than ignorant and insulting. First of all, for the person who said her heart was in the right place, ARE YOU EVEN THINKING BEFORE YOU PLUCK YOUR COMMENT. How can anybody’s heart be in the right place, when they are giving duties or assignments, based on race. And saying that one group is better than the other. Mind you this is a pastor. A person who is supposed to accept a people who wear the most expensive suits, to those who come in with dirty rags. She sounds like a brained washed person and i am sorry but as confusing and as controversial as religion is already, I don’t need to add fuel to the fire, by following a person who’d say something as damaging as what this pastor said. By the way, how come she didn’t have guts enough to say it to their face as opposed to via e-mail.

  12. Keep it real, placing a white person on the doors to greet does necessary mean it will draw white people or new members. New Memberships starts with your Christians of the Church, by inviting people in the market places, on the job, the streets, hospital visits, visiting prisons, or anywhere people congregates. Don’t expect one race to do it all.

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  13. 1 Corinthians 14:33-35
    33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. 34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak ; but they are commanded to be under obedience , as also saith the law. 35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

  14. If God is present at the church everyone would come no matter the race. I currently live in the Virgin Islands and we have had an increase in White visitors and members at my church. Actually, when one white person come they seem to bring more with them when they come back.

  15. I think the heart was in the right place but it didn’t come off right. This is a majority black church which wants to increase the number of white folks in its flock. Is that wrong? Some of you need to quit shrieking about everything as “racist”, good God. My doctor is black, my yardboy is white, my maid is white, one of the main lawyers I refer to is black (female). These people are in my life in those capacities because they are the best people at those jobs. Oh, by the way, blacks raving about racism tend to see everything as “racist” when much of the time it is just human nature. Human beings are communal, group oriented animals. We need other people, God wired us that way to survive. And, as people, we congregate quickly with people we identify with the most, with whom we have the most in common. This church is trying to create a congregation based upon commonality of worship across racial lines. Again, good heart, probably not the best way to do it. I’d rather a church with a good heart but not the best methods than a group of people with an ill heart and slick methods. We have enough of those.

  16. I don’t believe this article is telling the whole story. I read a different account of story on Yahoo. Please, folks, let get ALL of the facts before we react.

  17. I tell ya, some of our own black folks can be our worst enemies. And what is more stupid, if a white person were to say to this pastor ” I am superior to you and your race”, this same pastor would get offended YET this pastor is implying that whites are superior to blacks.

  18. The pastor needs to be the one who goes. She has issues that make her not so fit to lead. However, if she doesn’t leave, I would… She couldn’t teach me anything…

  19. Weird.

    As a white person I wouldn’t care who greets me at the door, I’d figure it’s whoever goes to church there. Dunno what the preacher is trying to accomplish there.
    A also wouldn’t like being called a ‘slave master’, whether directly or in code, as some of my ancestors were slaves themselves while none of them were even in the US when slavery existed.

  20. It just goes to show how much many of us Black people still hate ourselves, and want to be loved by our slave-masters children. But the days of white supremacy are over. It is high time to “Accept Your Own And Be Yourself!”

      • You’re an idiot. People have jobs because they have self worth. My cleaning lady is white and is supporting three children on her own cleaning “white folks’ houses” and probably black folks’ houses too. A person’s “self worth” is a matter of integrity, honor, independence, and work ethic and I promise you there are people cleaning houses and picking up your garbage who are worth 10 x more than certain millionaires we see on TV and in D.C.

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