Armed Robbers Brutally Beaten By Intended Victims

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    (L) Gerald Allen, (R) Johnny Calderon Jr.

    When two would-be robbers spotted their intended victims last week in Charlottsville, Va., they likely believed their caper would end with them sticking up two blindsided men and running off with their valuables.

    But Gerald Allen, 18, and Johnny Calderon, 19, ending up being under attack themselves when their supposed-to-be victims turned the tables and began beating on them harder than Jamie Foxx whipped that White man in “Django.”

    After the two unidentified men, both believed to be college students, finished beating Allen and Calderon, they detained them and called the cops, according to NBC affiliate W-VIR-TV 29. As you can see, Calderon suffered severe bruising, but he got off lucky. Allen’s right eye is swollen shut.

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    13 thoughts on “Armed Robbers Brutally Beaten By Intended Victims

    1. Black is beautiful and tan is grand, but white is the color of the big boss man. Way to go frat boys! Things are only going to get tougher for scumbags like these two miscreants. It’s just too bad the frat boys didn’t have guns so they could have shot these two in their faces.

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