Legally Blind Man Sues N.Y.C. For Stop And Frisk Post-Federal Ruling

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Moye’s suit is the first after Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin recently ruled against stop and frisk. Her decision noted that the department routinely performed  “unconstitutional stops and conduct[ed] unconstitutional frisks” that targeted young Black and Hispanic men.

Her decision came after a class action lawsuit against the city by the Center For Constitutional Rights, which brought victims of the policy and NYPD whistleblowers to center stage.

She ordered a federal monitor to oversee the department’s stop and frisk policy. Her ruling also made it easier for New Yorkers to sue the city if they feel they’ve been unfairly stopped and searched.

Moye’s lawsuit referenced the ruling, saying that “unconstitutional policies of profiling minorities may be inferred by the Aug. 12, 2013, decision…finding that the NYPD had violated the rights of thousands of citizens with respect to the application of its stop and frisk policy,”

The NYPD “intentionally conspired to fabricate evidence against him, including omitting and manipulating evidence…fabricating evidence and concealing exculpatory evidence,” the suit claims.


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