Zimmerman’s Wife: George Has ‘Beaten Down My Self-Esteem’

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Regarding the inner workings of their union, Shellie revealed to O’Connor that during the time following the Martin incident, Shellie seemed to imply that she was walking on eggshells with George, “George has never laid a hand on me nor has he ever used any sort of force. I was concerned that we were living in something that we’d never experienced before and that there is a first time for everything…I just always had that kind of fear in the back of mind,” she said.

According to Shellie, what will always haunt her are the events immediately following the not-guilty verdict for her husband, “The deputies were so afraid of people shooting in to the windows of the courthouse that they were pushing us up against the wall so that we couldn’t be seen by the people outside, and that was really scary because at that moment it became very real. It’s been real this whole time, but that was a distinct moment for me that I’ll never forget, being pushed against the walls and thinking at any second, my life could be over.”

Since the trial, George has kept himself in the news, with his most-recent headline involving a visit to the Florida gun manufacturing plant that had produced the weapon that killed Trayvon.  O’Connor asked Shellie, “Do you think it was the right thing to do, sensitive?”

Without mincing her words, Shellie replied, “No, I just think that he’s…been living in a pressure cooker, and he is doing and thinking things that none of us can understand right now.”

Watch Shellie Zimmerman’s “Good Morning America” interview here:

Shellie also told O’Connor that she always believed her husband’s self-defense story and was saddened by the fact that he was being labeled a “murderer or some sort of racist.”

Shellie also expressed how she feels sympathetic toward the Martin family stating, “I’m so deeply sorry for their loss…I can’t even begin to understand the grief that a parent experiences when they lose a child,” she said.

Shellie also expressed how she yearns to be a Mother one day and to stay married.  When O’Connor asked whether she and George were still together, she replied, “I’m not gonna to answer that.”  When O’Connor asked Shellie if her dreams of becoming a Mom and being married would be realized with George, Shellie hesitantly stated, “That’s something I am going to have to think about.”

Shellie reportedly agreed to the interview with O’Connor so that she could set the record straight and move on, even though George Zimmerman has “beaten down her self-esteem.” According to O’Connor, “When I asked her [Shellie] why she was doing [the interview], Shellie said, ‘I want to start my life back.’ George Zimmerman has beaten down her self-esteem.” She admits to having made mistakes but says she is owning up to them now and moving forward with her life, but as to whether or not this move will include Zimmerman, only time will tell.

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