Lamar Odom Arrested For DUI, Refuses Chemical Testing

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    NBA player Lamar Odom (pictured) was reportedly arrested Friday morning and charged with a DUI for either drugs or alcohol, according to TMZ.

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    Friday morning, Odom was reportedly driving along a freeway in a late-model white Mercedes-Benz in the San Fernando Valley, Calif., area, when he was allegedly spotted by a highway patrol vehicle. A highway patrolman contends that the 6’10″ free agent had been driving too slow and his vehicle was traveling in an erratic ”serpentine manner.”

    A police report states that initially Odom seemed oblivious to the state trooper’s attempts to flag him down as he trailed him and drove past three exits before finally coming to a stop.  During a verbal exchange, the officer reportedly surmised that Odom was intoxicated and the assumption was allegedly proven to be fact once Odom failed several sobriety tests that were given to him.

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