Fast-Food Strikes Set For Cities Nationwide

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  • NEW YORK (AP) — Fast-food customers in search of burgers and fries on Thursday might run into striking workers instead.

    Organizers say thousands of fast-food workers are set to stage walkouts in dozens of cities around the country, part of a push to get chains such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s to pay workers higher wages.

    It’s expected be the largest nationwide strike by fast-food workers, according to organizers. The biggest effort so far was over the summer when about 2,200 of the nation’s millions of fast-food workers staged a one-day strike in seven cities.

    Thursday’s planned walkouts follow a series of strikes that began last November in New York City, then spread to cities including Chicago, Detroit and Seattle. Workers say they want $15 an hour, which would be about $31,000 a year for full-time employees. That’s more than double the federal minimum wage, which many fast food workers make, of $7.25 an hour, or $15,000 a year.

    The move comes amid calls from the White House, some members of Congress and economists to hike the federal minimum wage, which was last raised in 2009. But most proposals seek a far more modest increase than the ones workers are asking for, with President Barack Obama wanting to boost it to $9 an hour.

    The push has brought considerable media attention to a staple of the fast-food industry — the so-called “McJobs” that are known for their low pay and limited prospects. But the workers taking part in the strikes still represent a tiny fraction of the broader industry. And it’s not clear if the strikes on Thursday will shut down any restaurants because organizers made their plans public earlier in a call for workers around the country to participate, which gave managers time to adjust their staffing levels. More broadly, it’s not clear how many customers are aware of the movement, with turnout for past strikes relatively low in some cities.

    Laila Jennings, a 29-year-old sales associate at T.J. Maxx, was eating at a McDonald’s in New York City this week and said she hadn’t heard of the movement. Still, she said she thinks workers should be paid more. “They work on their feet all day,” Jennings said, adding that $12 to $15 an hour seemed fair.

    As it stands, fast-food workers say they can’t live on what they’re paid.

    Shaniqua Davis, 20, lives in the Bronx with her boyfriend, who is unemployed, and their 1-year-old daughter. Davis has worked at a McDonald’s a few blocks from her apartment for the past three months, earning $7.25 an hour. Her schedule varies, but she never gets close to 40 hours a week. “Forty? Never. They refuse to let you get to that much hours.”

    Her weekly paycheck is $150 or much lower. “One of my paychecks, I only got $71 on there. So I wasn’t able to do much with that. My daughter needs stuff, I need to get stuff for my apartment,” said Davis, who plans to take part in the strike Thursday.

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    7 thoughts on “Fast-Food Strikes Set For Cities Nationwide

    1. The people at the top are the ones who make the money. The corporate executives spend there time trying to figure out how to cheat the workers so their salaries and bonuses can be larger. Obamacare isn’t going to bring this cournty down. The US is already down. We are not a superpower and haven’t been in a very very long time.

    2. MacDonalds in 2012. 69,000,000 served. $27,567,000,000 total revenue. Revenue made on the backs of hard working employees, who make less than $10.00/hr. I know that the work is not complex and non-supervisory and does not require a college education, but the work contributes to success of the company. Pay up MacDonalds!

      • The millionaires being complained about prepared to be millionaires. Preparedness is a must. Set goals. Don’t fart around in school and then want to have and make the same as everyone else. That’s the lesson everyone was trying to teach them when they refused to listen. This is the result. May God bless those who were laid off during the recession with better jobs. The rest can make sure they put ketchup in the bag.

    3. Yes I’ll have a # 1 with a coke and ketchup, OK sir that will be $16.55.
      the people behind this push can afford to pay that mainly union officials.
      there entry level unskilled jobs what are they suppose to pay I could see if it required 6,12 24 months of tech/college ed… the sad thing is these places are hiring high school grads
      that aren’t capable of doing the work, so much for our education system
      Shaniqua Davis can’t get 40hrs got news for her thanks to Obamacare many
      workers are going to experience that problem

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