There were a lot of unexpected moments at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, but one of the most awkward moments by far was a raunchy performance of Robin Thicke’s chart-topping hit “Blurred Lines” with former Disney star Miley Cyrus.

We definitely cringed as we watched twerk queen Miley shake her “cakes” on the happily-married R&B crooner, but according to reports, Robin’s wife of eight years had no problem with the sexy stage show.

miley cyrus

“Sources close to Robin’s wife Paula Patton tell us she was all good with Miley touching Robin’s crotch and kissing his neck during MTV’s Video Music Awards…despite reports that she went ballistic following the performance,” TMZ reports.

Sources go on to say that Paula saw “tons of rehearsals” and she was not surprised by the choreography.

Paula and Robin, who share a 3-year-old son named Julian Fuego , have a history of being understanding and allowing each other to go the extra mile in their careers.

In an earlier interview with People, the Hollywood starlet said she also had no problem with her husband’s scandalous video for “Blurred Lines.”

“It’s part of the job and part of the deal,” she said. “We both know this is what we’ve’ been working so hard for and for these moments. Of course, it’s a little bit uncomfortable. It’s somebody who you love and you have to share them in that moment, but we understand it’s not real.”

She added, “We love each other and have complete trust.”

What did you think of Robin Thicke’s performance at the VMAs last night? Was it too much for a married man? Weigh in below.


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