Fake Fireman Tried To Go On A Ride-A-Long With Fire Department

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  • Terrence King  apparently loves being a fake fireman and paramedic.

    This past Sunday, the Texas native was cuffed at a hospital in Irving after he claimed to be a paramedic, NBC Dallas/Fort Worth reports. King, who was sporting real gear, was wearing a stolen Denton fireman’s shirt and carrying a stolen portable two-way radio when he was taken into custody. The official charge was theft.

    Ironically, he was arrested in Plano four months before on similar charges.

    When King showed up at a Denton Fire Department last week, he told crew members at the firehouse that he was a paramedic. He must have put on a mighty good front because the firemen allowed him to go on a ride-a-long. But they soon caught on to his act–especially after he said his name was Jayden Smith.

    “It didn’t sink in until later that Jayden Smith is Will Smith’s son, so he didn’t even make up a good name,” Denton Battalion Chief Brian Glenn said. “He just stole it.”

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