Brooklyn Rapper’s Instagram Posts Lead To Largest Gun Bust In NYC History [VIDEO]

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  • NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

    In a move straight from the Stupidest Criminals In The World files, Brooklyn rapper, Matthew Best, 26, stage name Neno Best, took to Instagram and posted pictures of guns and cash, leading the NYPD to make the largest gun bust in New York City history, reports the NY Daily News.

    Best was bragging about selling guns on the social networking site, when narcotic investigators spotted his posts and passed the information along to an undercover officer, who then became aware of the man behind a multi-state gun smuggling ring, Adeji Omole, 31.

    Omole, in turn, unwittingly led the undercover, who remains unidentified, to Earl Campbell, 23, and Walter Walker, 29, both of South Carolina, who were running drugs from the southern United States to New York with a loose band of co-conspirators along the way.

    The year long investigation, during which the undercover officer bought hundreds of guns to keep them off of the streets, ended with the NYPD confiscating 254 firearms (including 9 rifles), 36 of which had been reported stolen, and the arrest of nineteen people in a 552-count indictment.

    See NYPD press conference below:

    The NYPD describes some of the weapons below:

    Guns seized in the massive bust announced Monday included a fully automatic MAC-11 pistol with a silencer as large as the gun.

    “In about five seconds, you get 32 rounds spraying down the street,” a law enforcement source said of the gun.

    The seizure also includes two SKS, a semi-automatic Soviet-era rifle. One had a laser-dot sight attached and a suppressor on the front that eliminates flash and smoke to make it harder to tell where the gunman is firing from.

    “This SKS will go through a project door, through the next door, through a wall, through the next wall into the next apartment,” the source said.

    “That will go through a car, a cop’s armor. That will go through anything we’ve got.”

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