There’s A Gabby Douglas Biopic In The Works!

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    The story of Gabby Douglas’ rise to Olympic fame is coming to life as a TV movie!

    According to reports, a casting call for the upcoming film, tentatively called The Gabby Douglas Story, has been sent out and producers are aiming to begin filing as earlier as September 9.

    Casting director Tracy Twinkie Byrd — best known for films like Sparkle, Stomp The Yard, Jumping The Broom and Fruitvale Station — sent out this description for the film’s starring role:

    “FEMALE, African American, VERY Petite, Great Smile, Great Eyes, Gymnastic & Dance Ability a PLUS! Takes Direction Well. [GABBY (8 TO SMALL 12 YEARS OLD) and (13 TO 16 YEARS OLD)] (No taller than 5′ 2”)”.

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    The Gregg Champion-directed project is scheduled to shoot for seven weeks in Winnipeg, Canada. Read the movie synopsis below and let us know if you plan to check it out!

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