“Clueless” Stacey Dash Slams Oprah For Trayvon Stance: Cites Malcolm X

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  • Stacy Dash

    According to The Huffington Post good old Stacey is at it again and this time she has gone after OPRAH! She had the nerve to use a MALCOLM X quote to do it!  Dash went after Oprah for her recent words on Trayvon Martin and Obama. We can cue that collective eye roll about now. 

    Stacey tweeted a link to a Fox News Insider article which slammed Oprah for comparing Martin to Emmett Till and for saying that President Obama shouldn’t be “on Fox News every day.”

    Then said Dash,

    “Shame on you, Oprah.”

    Remember when your grandmother used to say, “Pretty is as pretty does.” or “You can be beautiful on the outside but if you have ugly coming out of your mouth that’s all anyone will think of you”? Yeah, we wish our grandmothers and your grandmother would have gone over to Stacey Dash’s house and taught her these lessons too. The pretty girl has allowed ridiculous to come flying out yet again.

    We aren’t sure if this is a PR strategy to get people in Hollywood to care that she still exists and offer her some acting gigs or not but she is antagonizing a woman who could black ball her from ever acting again anywhere! Not a very shrewd business decision. But then again who can forget her amazing, Oscar Award winning performances in….umm…no wait we can do this hold on…she was fantastic in the movie…yeah we got nothin. And if Ms. Dash doesn’t hurry up and find a plethora of seats to sit down in soon..that’s exactly what she is going to have too..nothin.


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