Russell Simmons’ First ‘Harriet Tubman’ Interview: ‘Black Women Educated Me’ [VIDEO]

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These moves are positive steps in the right direction; but they can by no means be the only steps. As we go forward, hopefully Simmons will recognize that the perpetuation of porn and rape culture through the degradation of Black women is unacceptable under any circumstances.

Hopefully his words are sincere.

From Hip-Hop to Hollywood, Black women deserve better from Black men. If Simmons, one of the leading voices in entertainment today, has genuinely learned from this, we call on him to take his “education” seriously and loudly speak on the necessity of denouncing Rape Culture at every opportunity, wherever it may manifest.

We call on him to use his vast global platform to present Black women in a respectful light, free from the dangerous, damaging historical and contemporary stereotypes in which he traffics.

We’re watching, Mr. Simmons.


Russell Simmons’ Non-Apology Is Not Enough

Does anyone care about black women?

The Rape of Harriet Tubman

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One thought on “Russell Simmons’ First ‘Harriet Tubman’ Interview: ‘Black Women Educated Me’ [VIDEO]

  1. Way to go Russel… You were right to apologize. What were you thinking? You know you can’t say anything about black people without there being a backlash… especially black women. You would have done better bashing God or Jesus Christ.

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