Pastor Threatened with Taser After Cops Mistake Friendly Wave for Flipping Off

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  • A 38-year-old pastor out of Indiana has filed a formal complaint against the Evansville Police Department after he was handcuffed and threatened with a stun gun after he waved hello.

    George Madison Jr. is a firefighter and youth pastor, who was minding his own business on a Tuesday afternoon, riding his bike, when he decided to wave his hand at the police.

    Sounds innocent? Well, the police officers thought Madison was flipping them off and proceeded to pull Madison over.

    The New York Daily News reports the police claim Madison was being “aggressive”, writing in their police report, “Mr. Madison postured up and pulled his arm back in an aggressive manor.” They claim this is why they pulled out a stun gun on him.

    Madison says he was thrown to the ground and handcuffed; the police attest he was handcuffed for safety reasons.

    The two officers involved in the incident are being investigated.

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    2 thoughts on “Pastor Threatened with Taser After Cops Mistake Friendly Wave for Flipping Off

    1. Funny how even the victims will make excuses for white peoples bad behavior towards them because they got us so afraid to call it what it truly is. White people hate the word racism like we hate the word nigger. The same way they say the n-word now they are gonna have us say the r-word because it appears we are afraid to call a spade a spade. Since when is it against the law to flip the police the bird? (not saying the young man was doing it but just for the sake of argument) I’ve seen on TV on Most Shocking how whites will curse the cops out at traffic stops and the police do nothing but write the ticket and let them go. It’s crazy! But you blacks BETTER respect the POPO! I don’t think so!

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