Budget Cuts Mean Fewer Children at Head Start

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In addition, Head Start officials said 18,000 staff member will see their pay cut or will lose their jobs. Head Start centers also will be reducing their hours and the number of days they are open.

President Barack Obama returned to Washington from vacation Monday, and Congress returns after Labor Day. A top item on both their agendas is the federal budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, along with negotiations to reduce the federal deficit.


Online: State-by-state breakdown of Head Start reductions.

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One thought on “Budget Cuts Mean Fewer Children at Head Start

  1. THis is a shame, My girlfriend works in the Administration department at head start in Michigan
    I cannot believe that These Son of Bitch’s would actually cut these programs where they are so needed,,, where parents have to work and make sure there children have Decent food ,,, in the morning, Congress and these Corrupt Senators, have sold us out to EUROPE,,

    41 percent of these children are white, and the rest are children of color, but we are suppose to be a country who are suppose to take care of our kids, and protect them.

    they tell OH do not abuse your children, What the heck do you think This congress is doing,
    that is a form of Abuse,, Think about it…( talking about cutting back) yeah they always wanna cut off the backs of the poor. This country has been sold out to Europe…. ANd president Obama knows it

    He is not who you think he is,? and if you do not agree with me,, let me know,,,,but let me say this I really would not care if you did or you didn’t

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