This week, we welcome D.L. Hughley to the Reach Media family.  The newly syndicated D.L. Hughley afternoon radio show gives D.L. a chance to do what he does so well, entertain us with his special brand of humor that covers everything from politics to being a husband and dad.

D.L. is no stranger, of course, to the African American market that his new show will target. He’s a hard-working comedian who never rests on his laurels, and I like that.  Whether it’s his stand up, his CNN news show, his hilarious book or radio, D.L. never forgets where he came from. Even as he broadens his audience he calls out BS wherever he sees it. I’ve watched him grow up in the comedy clubs and I’m excited to have a part in this most recent career move.  It lines up with the vision I originally had when I signed on with ABC Radio and became the first black syndicated talk show host back in 1994.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of the show starting in 29 markets and expanding to more than 100. But that never would have been as sweet without the opportunity to open doors for other African American radio personalities.  These 20 years have brought a lot of changes to the industry and to the TJMS as well.  After forming our own company, Reach Media that among other things, syndicates the Tom Joyner Morning  Show, we merged with media giant Radio One, and combined our network programs to include Rickey Smiley, Russ Parr, Yolanda Adams, Rev. Al Sharpton,  James Fortune and now D.L. Hughley.

My love for radio hasn’t changed since the moment I realized it would allow me to do everything I ever dreamed of…and that’s even before I was getting paid a lot of money!  It gave me a chance to come to work in shorts and a t-shirt, talk and laugh with people I like and play the kind of music I’d be listening to anyway.

But as we continue to step up our game with radio and social media in a world filled with more distractions than ever, the key is remembering our core goals– to empower, inform and entertain black people.  I’m thankful for the opportunity as we grow to reach audiences of over 12 million listeners.  But I always knew that it was something that could be done by others too if given the chance—and there’s still room for more!

Come get some of this, D.L.!

Tune in to The D.L. Hughley Show afternoons from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. eastern. Check your local listing.

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5 thoughts on “Come Get Some of This, D.L.!

  1. D.L.’s SHOW NEEDS HELP…quick!!! he starts a subject then plays a record or maybe 2 songs…then they come back on like they have been discussing the topic during the record playing.. When they come back… I have forgotten what the topic was about….SO is he a Dj with 4hrs to play music….OR IS IT A 4HR RADIO TALK SHOW WITH DISCUSSIONS?? IF SO HELL THEY CAN PAY ME HALF AND I CAN JAM DA GOT DAMN BOX!!!


  3. joei14 on said:

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  4. I really enjoy D.L. Hughley’s comedy,insight, and point of view. I’ve enjoyed his radio program thus far ,as well. I must admit, that I do miss Skip Murphy. I really enjoyed his no-nonsense and laid back type of show. I liked his type of music. His playlist was the bomb! What happened? I see Jasmine Sanders is with D.L.. I wish Skip the best, I guess we will hear him on your next vacation. Peace!

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