Tameka Foster Raymond Loses Child Custody Battle With Usher

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  • ATLANTA (AP) — A judge in Atlanta has dismissed an emergency request by R&B singer Usher‘s ex-wife seeking temporary custody of their two children.

    Tameka Foster Raymond had requested the hearing earlier this week after their 5-year-old son got caught in a pool drain while in the care of the Grammy winner’s aunt. After a hearing in which both Usher and Raymond took the stand, Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger dismissed her request for temporary primary custody and decision-making authority.

    Raymond’s court filing said their son “suffered a near-death accident” while left unsupervised at Usher’s home Monday.

    Usher and Tameka Raymond married in 2007 and divorced two years later. They went through a lengthy child custody battle, and Usher was awarded primary custody of the boys last year.

    (Photo: AP)

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    8 thoughts on “Tameka Foster Raymond Loses Child Custody Battle With Usher

    1. TENDER YEARS: 24/7, those children should be around their MOTHER during their tender years, therefore I somewhat agree with Bubba. Being a parent is a HANDS-ON requirement, which Usher cannot provide.

      • Crap!
        Millions of children are not with their mothers and those that are are mostly with other caregivers while mother works, or whatever.
        This was an accident that could have happened in any situation.
        Apparently the judge did not think it all that much of a problem, and in fact she had lost custody of these kids and Usher had full custody.
        Do you wonder why this mother may have not had custody of these children?

    2. The judge saw through Tameka!! This was an accident that could have happen anywhere to any child/parents. This incident alone does NOT mean Usher is a bad parent!! She is just trying to use this incident for her own benefit!!

    3. UNJUST RULING because Usher has ALREADY lost one son in his custody & ALMOST lost another son is PROOF on its face that Usher is remiss or derelict as a hands-on-parent. I don’t even like his ex, but Usher’s record on this subject speaks of itself, that Usher is sleeping-it as a hands-on-parent.

    4. Good!

      This was an accident, and from what I read it was not because of being unsupervised.
      Thank GOD the child was ok.

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