Zimmerman Ordered Bulletproof Vest While on Bond

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Zimmerman’s visit to a sporting goods store also piqued deputies’ interest last August. They reviewed the store’s security tape to make sure Zimmerman hadn’t stepped foot in an area where the store sells firearms.

(Photo: AP)

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7 thoughts on “Zimmerman Ordered Bulletproof Vest While on Bond

  1. jancorey, you’re an ‘a ‘ hole. you’re the only criminal that needs to be locked up. karma is a ‘b’. you’ll get yours for these kind of untrue statements.

  2. It sad he has to do that. I feel for the Martins loss. But hardly anyone ever talks about Trayvons choice of breaking the law and assulting Zimmerman.

    • I am so sick of people acting as if Trayvon didn’t have a right to defend himself. Zimm is a private citizen and he had no right to try and detain that boy. He admitted that Trayvon noticed he was watching him and that Trayvon tried to run from him. That boy did not know Zimm was neighborhood watch. He just knew he was creepy and he wanted to get away.

      • Ebony, it helps to be familiar with the facts before you comment. The facts show that Trayvon ran back to Zimmerman and snuck him, then got on top of him and started beating him. That’s what the facts, timeline, testimony, witnesses, etc., show. That’s why Zimmerman was found not guilty despite the overwhelming race hustling and government attempts to achieve a different result. Trayvon just jumped the wrong “creepy cracka” and got smoked. See, Ebony, this may seem bizarre to your mind, but people have a right to walk behind other people in public places and watch them. However, the people being watched don’t have a right to turn around and punch people following them, then get on top of them and pound them. Understand?

      • Trayvon was the only criminal in that incident, and Trayvon was high on illegal dope on top of that. America is better now without him, and it will save the citizens the future-costs of incarcerating him for many years, if not decades. I couldn’t be happier Trayvon is no longer, eliminated through his own actions.

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