Claudette Ortiz: “It Was R&B Divas or the Military”

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Your ex-husband was on the show and you said that you felt abandoned by him, yet you two seemed to be on good terms.
He was struggling as well. He’s a good father and he takes care of his kids and the kids love him but yeah, that is how I felt. It took some time. We went through a lot. But we’re cool now and we have a system worked out now. It never feels good to have tension. This is somebody who’s going to be in my life for the rest of my life. So I’m not going to sit and be angry forever.

Your ex-boyfriend, the other member of City High, Robbie Pardio, blamed you publicly for the breakup of the group. Was that accurate?
Lies. Lies. There was never a love triangle. That was a misconception. I was absolutely not the cause of the group breaking up, he was. I kept my mouth shut for a long time but I’m not anymore. He had trouble with drug and alcohol abuse well before the group came out. He was abusive and it was a nightmare working with him. I chose to leave the group because I couldn’t work with him anymore. [After being abused] for him to do that made me feel like dang, does it ever end? And it was bad timing. I was going through a divorce, my house had been robbed and it was foreclosing. It was a rough time in my life.

What has it been like working with the other women on the show? Did you all know each other beforehand?

Not really. I saw Li’l Mo at some of the same venues, but prior to that, I didn’t meet anybody else. They are some really amazing, interesting, funny people. I learned a lot and I took the time to just enjoy that moment. It’s not something that everyone gets to experience. I try to enjoy every day being able to be with my kids and meeting new people. I really enjoyed myself.

Are we going to see any diva-style craziness or is it just a group of women trying to put it back together?

We’re just ladies who love to sing and want to do what God gives us to do and make our families proud but we all feel as though Chante is the ultimate diva. (Laughs.) I couldn’t film for one week and during that week I heard there was some drama between some of the ladies, but ultimately, we executed what the goal was. So there’s a positive air to it in the end.

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