Right now we take you to the press conference with New York Yankee star Alex Rodriguez who has just been suspended for 211 games for using steroids who’s at the podium now and ready to take questions.

Here is Alex Rodriguez.  “Yeah, first of all, thank you for being here today.  I wish it was under different circumstances, but I just wanted to express to you guys, and the fans of baseball that the last set of runs have been a night a nightmare.”

Alex, I’m Chris Paul from the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  “I am thrilled” I’m sure.  But A-Rod our listeners want to know did you take performance enhancing drugs?  “You know, I’m-I’m not going to get into any of that today.”

Okay, but man to man we all know that steroids leaves your manhood limp.  So what was it like the last time you tried to have sex?  “You know, it’s been a long time for me, and the last time it wasn’t pretty.  It’s probably going to get harder.”  Yeah, probably.

Okay, no more messing around, A-Rod, once and for all did you use steroids?  “I’m sorry; you got to repeat that first part of that question.”  Steroids, performance enhancing drugs.  A-Rod, did you take them?  Yes or no?  “Spanish”.  Oh, you don’t speak any English.  See, that’s why nobody likes you A-Rod because you be on that bullsh*t.

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