Kayla Henriques Sentenced To 15 Years For Facebook Murder

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  • Kayla Henriques, Kamisha RichardsKayla Henriques, 20, pleaded guilty to manslaughter Wednesday and will serve 15 years in prison for the stabbing death of her close friend Kamisha Richards, 22, reports NY Daily News.

    As previously reported by NewsOne, Henriques stabbed Richards in February 2011 after the two engaged in a Facebook feud over a $20 loan for a box of diapers.

    Richards, who was dating Henriques’ brother, Ramel Henriques, loaned her friend the money for diapers but she used it on something else. In the heat of arguing over the money, Kayla claims that Richards threw her son’s milk, spilling it.

    Their “beef” escalated via Facebook and text message, ultimately leading Richards to post:

    “Kayla now u getin outa hand…I hope u having fun entertaining the world…Trust, IMA HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!” 

    Henriques replied, in what was clearly foreshadowing:

    “We will see.”

    Read more from NY Daily News:

    Family and friends said Richards, 22, took the accused killer under her wing when Henriques’ mother died 15 years ago.

    Last year, Richards threw a baby shower for Henriques – and she was helping plan a first birthday party in May for the suspect’s son Alex before the fatal falling-out over a package of Pampers.

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    2 thoughts on “Kayla Henriques Sentenced To 15 Years For Facebook Murder

    1. So !!! So sad what we will kill for $ 20.00 she spending 15 years in prison and that’s about $1.32 a year. A best friend over nothing Lord help this lady. My prayers go out to the family, and since i’m only reading what happen it had to be deeper than $20.00 .

    2. In about 2 or 3 years while shes’s sitting in prison it’s gonna finally register to this young lady how petty and stupid her actions were and she’s gonna emotionally pay the price for killing her best friend.

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