Jay-Z and Beyoncé caught the attention of the press when the couple went on an exclusive tour of Michael Jackson’s 2,700-acre Southern California Neverland Ranch not too long ago.

According to the New York Post, the couple could be interested in buying the land as well.

However, the Jackson family isn’t interested in selling the property to people outside of the family. The estate, which is managed by Thomas Barrack, Jr. of Colony Capital, will do what he will.

The NY Post says the kids get a bit disturbed when they hear reports that someone is going to buy their old home. Good for the Jackson kids, Jay Z said he’s not interested in buying.

But the family isn’t convinced.

“If Barrack took them to the ranch himself . . . there has got to be something to it,” a family member said Friday.

Regardless, the family doesn’t have much say in how the property is dealt with, especially since Jackson defaulted on the payments in 2008. Court documents state that the Jackson estate still owns 85 percent of Neverland.

(Photo: Retna)


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