Sybrina Fulton: “God Is Just Using Me…” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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  • Travyon Martin‘s mother Sybrina Fulton is maintaining a public profile despite the not guilty verdict in the trial of her son’s killer George Zimmerman. In this interview on  “The James Fortune Show,” Sybrina Fulton discusses how her family is coping after the verdict and describes her new normal.

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    Even though Sybrina Fulton has become well-known, she still considers herself normal and stated, “I’m just an average person and God is just using me to work through other people.” Hear what else she said in this interview.

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    JF: It’s the all new James Fortune Show and that was Karvina Jones with I Am Trayvon Martin. I want to give a shout to Karvina who wrote this song as a tribute to Trayvon Martin after he was murdered. She was only 17 years old, so a shout to her for such an incredible song that you’ve been calling me about and tweeting about. And remember, it’s on my website, the You can hear that song, I Am Trayvon Martin on the web, the And speaking of, I’m so excited, because you’ve been asking, and we’ve been sending out our support and our love to Ms. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, and the Martin family. And now I’m joined on the line with Ms. Sybrina Fulton. She’s here on the all new James Fortune Show. Ms. Fulton, how you doing?

    SF: I’m doing fine.

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    17 thoughts on “Sybrina Fulton: “God Is Just Using Me…” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

    1. First of all your facts are all wrong. Sybrena and Tracy was married when Trayvon was born so shut your bastard azz up. When somebody kill your mammy don’t say shit to nobody u evil fucker. Fuck Zimmerman that racist motherfucker.

      • Sorry Michelle. I really have not followed this close and it’s over now. Manning said they weren’t married. So he led me wrong on that one. My point remains and you can curse me all you want. Instead of cursing me, get on your son and makes sure he’s not online cursing, cause once more second-hand info again: Trayvon was online cursing and cutting the fool. Fighting me solves nothing. Either you are school age or you know a black boy who is….so get to the real struggle (bust somebody’s butt being top of the class) and quit trying to shoot the messenger.

    2. August 12,2013

      Please, Please Help us! In the February 14,2013 Wayne County Newspaper,( Front Page) It tells of the school violations and bullying and harassment my children have suffered in the WCSD,Mississippi. But, it did not mention that the latest of those threats were from the school KKK note. Now, this same girl where two knifes were found on her is back at school and sitting behind my child on their bus.
      This is not the first racial discrimination . My kids have a right to a safe school environment.
      The WCSD said they would handle it and they would prosecute and she would not be back on that campus. They would not tell me one court date no notification, just it’s been handled. 911 did not even send an officer at my request the day of.
      The children are shocked and scared. I beg for justice. I do not know why help for justice is so hard. They are not going back to school until they are represented. This is sad that anyone would think we are okay with this.

    3. Admittedly, I am not intelligent, as I certainly did not see an insult towards me, but others. It was VERY disturbing; reminding me of someone I know that claims to be a Muslim, and with that, I bid you farewell.

    4. Correction
      There is only one and good fight for Trayvon Martin. You want to fight for Trayvon? Go into a classroom and fight and don’t stop fighting until you are in the top 5% of the class….

      • GregAbdul
        Yes, it is only fair that you share Manning’s opinions. as they only continue to shed light on his embarrassing character. Manning is a conspirator and a well-known hypocrite who deceives his followers. (He admitted that his membership is dwindling; it is about time he tells the truth.)

        • I am not a Christian, but from my understanding there are many churches dying on the vine in America. Pastor Manning’s followers are sort of irrelevant. What he says is important because most of the time what he says accurately represents white conservative Christian America. Regardless of what we’d like to think, who the victim is matters, even in a criminal trial (the prostitute who cries rape for example). My Fulbright and Mr. Fortune are on this page doing black Christianity and that is why I was giving the other side. For me, my view is that a lot of black people have funny ideas when it comes to change. There is only right and good fight for Trayvon. You want to fight for Trayvon? Go into a classroom and fight and don’t stop fighting until you are the top 5% of the class. Go to med school, get your papers and come back and run a free clinic in the black community. For some strange reason, this kind of black change is never embraced by black people. Instead, many of you want to treat this play-play thug mentality that our kids have as unchangeable, and you go from there to walking up and down protesting, because obviously if you can’t change young black male thug behavior, then obviously you have to change the white man. Pastor Manning rudely says what white Christians are thinking, but won’t say because of political correctness. Please don’t make this about who’s popular. Black boys are dying. This is not some popularity contest to see who’s the coolest. Whites will always fear black boys who emit thug vibes and no amount of protesting will ever change that. If you are honest, they scare blacks even more than they scare whites. So keep it real. Whites are not going to accept our black boys as thugs, no matter how much we protest or march. That’s Manning’s message and it’s true, no matter the size of his congregation. I see a slave behavior we have not gotten beyond. Some of us only know how to market ourselves and to measure everyone’s market around us (who’s cool). God is a God of truth and once again this is a big truth crazy Pastor Manning cites. Many of us pretend we believe in God when our real god is the flavor of the week and black kids are the ones paying for our inability to stand in real truth because all we know is to follow some stupid crowd (pleasing master)….the young end up following the wrong crowds because they see the old desperately following the wrong crowd instead of standing on your own and doing what’s right.

          To the point: address what the man says and point out where he is wrong instead of trying to tell me who likes him.

        • The most important thing for me to tell you is that I am an avid voter, active in the Black community, active volunteer, and legally stalk our government officials for the sake of The People. I advocate for our public schools so that our children will have the resources to carry them into adulthood and beyond. Although some of the people [I work with] do not have children – including me – we fight for them because we know they will one day be in charge of taking care of us. We do it, because not only it is the right thing to do, but also for your sake and ours. We do it for THEM because they want and need us [to]. Although we have had some success, none of us has any desire to stop. (Some of us have nothing better to do, while others have sacrificed much.) Although some of us are passed college years, we do our best with helping others fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, nurse, CNA, CPA, etc. It is their dream, not ours, however it is our hope and prayer they give back to their communities – in time, we shall see.
          Personally, I am married without children, but have a slew of nieces and nephews. My spouse and I are legal and RESPONSIBLE gun owners. We have never been in jail or prison. We do not use illegal drugs. (I drink once or twice a year.)
          Although I know some thugs/gang members and understand SOME of their inference, I do not exalt them. Perhaps Trayvon Martin was not the kid you or I would want, but that does not take way from the fact that he was MURDERED. He did NOT deserve to die!
          What disturbs me about Manning, is that he is habitual in assaulting; failing to provide options and/or solutions and I believe that is what some of us need [today].
          You state that you a re not a Christian, but God speaks to me just as well as He speaks to others. Now, who is Manning – I included – to say that He did not tell Ms. Fulton to continue her stance? Perhaps He told her to standup – fight so that there will not be more victims.
          Manning states that she should sit down and she will become well known. Just because Manning is seeking fame, Ms. Fulton does not; she just wants to help others.
          Again, I am doing my best to not only change “young black male thug behavior”, but I am doing my best to change laws for the betterment of The People; not just Blacks.
          You are talking about them fearing us, well we fear them, as they are the ones who have guns. Yes, some of us have guns too, but we are more than likely to go to jail. (Even when we LEGALLY own our guns.) When we drive our vehicles in our own neighborhood, the police stop and question us – asking, “Where are you going? Where did you just come from? Have you been drinking tonight? Can I search your car?” (We can say no to the search, but we know they will have a vehicle-search-warrant by the time K9 arrives.) Why should they fear us? We were born and raised in the neighborhood, but due to re-gentrification, we supposedly are in the wrong neighborhood. And they fear us????? Roy Middleton was in his own neighborhood, in his Mother’s vehicle, and the police shot him. Paul Chialds was in his home and the police shot him too, yet they fear us?????
          You said, “Whites are not going to accept our black boys as thugs, no matter how much we protest or march.” Are you kidding? We DON’T accept our Black thugs, so we can hardly expect anyone else to be accepting! We just want them to stop using legal excuses for murdering them.
          Manning made this into a popularity contest when he mentioned what Ms. Fulton should do to gain notoriety.
          To the point: MANY of us are doing our best, to not only help our Black kids but the community as well.
          Manning wants Ms. Fulton and the rest of us to sit down. We have no idea what God told her or the others to do. Instead of demonizing Ms. Fulton and the others, perhaps Manning could do more by providing solutions; something he often fails to do.
          This is not the first time Manning has spewed such impurities of hatred, but is just ANOTHER reminder of his character.
          For those of us who avidly study the believer’s instructions before leaving earth, we know better. We know right from wrong and we know our children need help. Alternatively, there are too many Mannings’s who are eager to post blame instead of assisting and/or providing solutions.

          I know you do not care, but my dog and spouse needs me, so I will end my response.

        • I don’t doubt your intentions. I am a parent and I am trying really hard to tolerate young foolishness. I was young and stupid once. I do what I do because I love my sons. If a kid goes to school and (excuse my French), goes and jacks it off and does not work like a dog to be the best he or she can be, that kid is totally disconnected from the black American struggle for civil rights. It’s a question of black humanity. When my kids or any black kids go to school and show they don’t like books and learning, they re-affirm in the non-black mind that blacks are not quite as human as whites and other people. Trayvon was a failure His getting kicked out of school led to his being shot. Now you can claim you are fighting for black kids and then turn and holler at whites about how they should feel about black thug-like boys, or you can turn to black American kids and tell them the hard truth. Once they have been told the hard truth, they have to choose and they have to live with their actions. I have the same metaphor over and over: there is a lion out there devouring black children. Now you can holler at the lion and tell him to stop eating black children, or you and participate in us getting kids to understand that there’s a lion out there and that they protect themselves. I am a Muslim. I believe in God. This is not about what God wants. When Manning says that Trayvon was a thug and that Ms Fulton threw him away, there is truth in that and it wrong to deny that truth. Ms. Fulton had a child out of wedlock and then failed in raising him. In Christianity and Islam, it is a great sin to have kids and not be married and her sin contributed to her son’s fate. Zimmerman has been found not guilty and will never go to jail. There will be no federal charges. There will be no civil suit. There is only the Sabrina Fulton self-promotion tour. Now you can get on that going-nowhere bandwagon or you can address the hard work we parents have to do. We have to unplug the rap at least partially and plug our kids into the idea that really fighting for Trayvon is fighting in the classroom to show that black kids are just as good and their lives have just as much value as anyone else’s kids. It’s up to the kids. This has been going on for a long time. The police and their minions kill and say the life they took was worthless. Our kids are the ones who end that line of thinking by excelling as a group in the classroom. That’s not protests. That’s not about Ms. Fulton’s self-promotion. That means we have to understand white America will never accept black play-play thugs, so we have to move our kids into all out student mode. Too many of you are engaged in options that do not really exist. We have a 400-year history and in 1865 our ancestors knew better. Please join me in what’s right and drop the flavor of the week nonsense. Manning’s only use in this conversation is he is openly showing what whites really think. I am a Muslim, so I certainly don’t see him as some thoughtful theologian. Two hundred years ago, black liberation meant education. Today the answer is the same and all this talk about fixing whites is useless because all that ends up doing is we are teaching them to become slicker in how they hate us, while we as a people fail to make progress.

        • I was in the middle of responding, but when I got to the end of your post, I deemed you self-righteous and my response would be meaningless.

        • I am sorry that I insulted you so that you end on an insult…and the joke is…people like claim (?) you are fighting for black children….usually it’s a scam and you only want some money from some cracker…while black kids continue to be slaughtered and you keep running the same old games. I am not the “self righteous” one. I am the one looking at my warts in the mirror and trying to fix them instead of running after crackers to beg them to fix black children.

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