Inside Job: 6 Steps To Prepare For An Internal Job Interview

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  • woman-jobWhether you are dealing with a company re-organization or simply desiring to move to a different department or job within your company, you should never underestimate the preparation necessary for an internal job interview. Considering most internal candidates have an advantage against external people applying for and interviewing for the same position, sometimes the pressure is much more palpable to those who are already employed within the company.

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    According to Courtney Hughes, Senior Account Specialist (Cardio) at Eli Lilly, there are several strategic ways you can ensure a favorable outcome during an internal interview.


    1) Be Overly Prepared.

    Though you may feel a sense of comfort when interviewing with a company you are currently employed by, Courtney suggests that you “review the core competency model for the position” you are applying for to ensure you are completely prepared for the interview.


    2) Contact People Within the Department.

    You should contact people who are currently in the position you are seeking to inquire what they did to prepare themselves for their interview, provided you are not seeking to take their position.


    3) Highlight Your Strengths.

    Be certain to highlight your strengths that align with the specific position you are seeking.


    4) Forward Past Performance Reviews.

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