BET Sunday Best Wants You For New Auditions (thumbnail)

The show opened with Jonathan Nelson singing “Strong Finish”. Our favorite hosts, Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans and Yolanda Adams returned to their seats for judging duties. Tonight’s show presented challenges beyond their wildest dreams.

Tasha Page sang Karen Clark Sheard -” We Acknowledge You”

  • Cece:  “Perfect. “
  • Donnie:  “I love the syncopation of your runs.”
  • Yolanda:  “Perfection from head to toe.”

Tyler Little sang Mary Mary-”Walking”

  • Cece:  “It’s superb. Get a little more involved
  • Donnie:  “You got swag.”
  • Yolanda: “I’ll see you at the end.”

Paula Champion sang  sang  “Lift Jesus”

  • Cece: You took control of the stage
  • Donnie: ” Smooth as Silk”
  • Yolanda:“I love it.”

Odell Bunton sang  “Give Myself Away” William McDowell

  • Cece: “You have the oil. That was the most important ingredient.”
  • Donnie:  “That’s the recipe.”
  • Yolanda: “You were born for this.”

Joshuia Drumm sang Chris Tomlin “Here I Am To Worship”

  • Cece: “You’re strong.”
  • Donnie: “This is the hardest show.”
  • Yolanda: “You sang that song like you wrote it.”

Terrill Hall sang Bishop Paul S. Morton “Best Days Yet”

  • Cece: “I thought it was good.”
  • Donnie:  “You should know how to use your voices.”
  • Yolanda:  “You have to come with it.”

Jamel Lewis sang Fred Hammond “You Are The Living Word”

  • Cece:  “It felt fragmented.”
  • Donnie: “You were nervous and panicking. It showed up.”
  • Yolanda:  “When you think of execution. Make sure you don’t think too hard”

Venold “Junior” Johnson sang Rance Allen “He Keeps Doing Great Things”

  • Cece: “Pace yourself”
  • Donnie: “You can do more if you put it in right range.’
  • Yolanda: “Your intention was there.”

Kefia Rollerson sang Tye Tribett “ He’s Everything”

  • Cece: “On your bad day you are still the best.”
  • Donnie: “The anointing is on your life. You are a thinker.”
  • Yolanda: “I like to see people enjoy.”

David Michael sang Deitrick Haddon’s ”Sinner’s Prayer

  • Cece: “I thought it was a powerful performance.”
  • Donnie:  “I don’t think it was your best performance.”
  • Yolanda: “I think you are a testimony to not doing too much.”

Jamel Lewis  and Terrill Hall were eliminated. Only eight continued on.

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