R. Kelly Fans Pissed, Exit Concert in Droves in Retaliation

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  • Saturday night in Cincinnati, OH  the Paul Brown stadium was filled with tens of thousands of people who were not happy campers. The show at the Macy’s Music Festival was delayed by up to an hour and a half  all because R. Kelly was not in the building ready to move when the preceding act singer, Kem, was done with his set.

    According to the Urban Daily, the crowd had already been sitting in the stadium all day for performances by Leela James, Morris Day and The Time, Fantasia and Kem. But now day had turned to night and fans were beginning to feel the exhaustion when they started to notice that Kelly was late and no one was saying anything about it. They slowly moved from a sentiment of anticipation to one of frustration, irritation, and for some, down right anger.

    They started to slowly chant “Bring Ya Ass Out” which was a play on lyrics from Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet” series. When this didn’t work in their favor as Kelly had yet to arrive, some did the only thing they knew to do…they left.  And as the trickle became an actual stream of people leaving, eventually there was a mass exodus of upset fans leaving the venue.

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    9 thoughts on “R. Kelly Fans Pissed, Exit Concert in Droves in Retaliation

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      • I too was there and EXTREMELY MAD AND DISSAPPOINTED. I can not express that enough. What is wrong with him these days. I heard he has done the same thing in other states as well. I will never go to another one of his concerts EVER! Once he finally came on he stalled again to make security let his fans come up front to the stage. That was about another 10 or 15 mins. Then he only did snippets of his song, and would stop and just look out at the crowd in silence for a few moments…..Really? Atleast make up for the hour and half wait with a good concert….It SUCKED! BOOOOO R KELLEY BOOOOO!!!

    2. He should have learned from Maxwell coming in late to perform at the Essence a couple of years ago. We left him on stage singing to himself!!!

    3. To ALL of the fans that left, I APPLAUD YOU!!! A message needs to be sent to these artist about this. It has been going on for far too long!!

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    5. A plague upon the Santangelo Group for hiding behind a woman’s skirts (Faith Daniels) no guts at all.
      As for R. Kelly, he obviously never heard of this wonderful thing that most hotels and motels have…a wake-up call. He or his manager could have requested one when they checked-in. Rat Kelly has become one sorry trifling Negro. His butt should have paid in pennies for showing up at 1:00am to perform.

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