Keyshia Cole’s Husband Arrested For Assault

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  • Keyshia Cole‘s husband, professional b-ball player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, confirmed to TMZ that he turned himself into authorities in New Orleans today.

    Here’s what Gibson told TMZ via a statement:

    “Earlier this month during the Essence Music Festival, I was involved in an incident with other individuals while I was out with my wife.”

    He continues, “It’s unfortunate that some see opportunity in taking advantage of people who work hard for what they have achieved.”

    Gibson says he takes pride in being a role model for his son and other kids who look up to him — and adds, “Once all the facts of the incident come out, I expect to be fully vindicated.”

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    2 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole’s Husband Arrested For Assault

    1. Boobie is a good dude, I’m thinking this won’t be a big deal for him as far as blame or formal charges (jail time or whatever). I don’t think he is the type to just punch a dude and get into a fight at a club for no reason ESPECIALLY when he is with his wife. Sounds like the dude was talking smack to/about his wife and he did what any real man would do, STAND UP FOR HIS WIFE!! yeah, he could have probably just walked away, but we don’t know the whole story. We all know he and Keyshia have an interesting relationship with drama and they each have some issues. Keyshia is from the hood, I’m shocked she didn’t blow the dude’s mouth out!!! ROFL!!!

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