Goldie Taylor Calls Don Lemon ‘Turn Coat Mofo’ for Agreeing with O’Reilly

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Valérie: Next racial draft we’re giving @DonLemonCNN to the whites. I don’t even wanna trade him for anyone. Just give him away

Sunja Montice: @DonLemonCNN must be real THIRSTY for him to try to speak for all AA’s and throw our black men under the bus. Are his ratings that bad?

And not surprisingly, Lemon has found fans on the right, like Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard:

“I wish Obama would have been as honest with his race speech as @DonLemonCNN was!”

As Mediaite points pout, Lemon isn’t getting a lot of love for his “tough love” point of view, but there are some:

Michael Skolnick: tremendous about of respect for @DonLemonCNN but his “tough love” approach for black America forgets that some yng people don’t have “boots”

Brendon310: I think we need tough love I have to agree with @DonLemonCNN that its time to teach kids the right things to do.Thanks sir!

Ebong Eka: I’m baffled by the visceral reaction @DonLemonCNN is receiving for stating obvious problems in the community. People who own it, can fix it!

Buddy Love: Okay…I just saw what Don Lemon said…I don’t get why people are so offended?

If you missed Don Lemon’s comments, see them below and Lemon’s response to criticism:

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