3 Black Men Beat, Rob White Man in D.C., Say ‘This is for Trayvon Martin’

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  • The Washington Times is reporting that a white man was beaten by three black men and robbed in Washington D.C.

    According to various outlets, the men who committed the act of violence told the man “this is for Trayvon” before attacking him.

    The unidentified man was kicked and robbed of his iPhone and wallet. He suffered minor injuries and refused hospital attention.

    There have been no arrests but the police are investigating it as a hate crime.

    There is no way to confirm that the men said “This is For Trayvon” until there are arrests made but using the late teen’s name in an act of violence is not right.

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    11 thoughts on “3 Black Men Beat, Rob White Man in D.C., Say ‘This is for Trayvon Martin’

    1. Black males from about 16-35 (less than 5% of the US population; blacks total about 12.5%) are responsible for the majority (over 50%) of murders and a super-majority (over 70%) of armed robberies. These same blacks murder twice as many whites as whites murder blacks every year. These blacks murder 93% of blacks and 14% of whites. Instead of shrieking ignorance and racism on cue from your race hustling “leadership”, read the facts:
      The vast majority of violent crime where I live is committed by blacks and many get away with it / avoid arrest. You can shriek and rave about “racism” and “whitey” all you want, but it doesn’t change the truth. All of you know it and all but the most ridiculous whites know it because it is true. What are you going to do when you’ve shrieked “racism” and blamed your problems on the 77% majority of America that they get sick of listening to you? That day is coming. Get real. Quit lying to yourselves and BSing everyone else. Pick some new leaders who aren’t hustling you to get power and get paid. Clean up your own communities. Trayvons are smoked every day in the hood and you don’t even flinch. Chicago is a hellhole. Detroit is a hellhole, DC is a hellhole. Go march there.

    2. White people say these kinds of things often. If it happened, they were wrong, but I’ll have to wait before I take if as a truth.

      • Blacks murder twice as many whites every year than whites murder blacks. That’s the hard truth. The leftist mainstream national media does not constantly rave, much less report, when 15 and 17 year old black teens shoot a white woman and then shoot her 13 month old baby in the face, murdering him, during a robberty. Unlike Trayvon, that white baby didn’t have THC in his system, wasn’t suspended multiple times, didn’t punch anyone, didn’t brag about his violence, didn’t have a liver being destroyed due to syzzurp/lean abuse, etc. They don’t report when a black 19 year old thug kicks in the door of a single white woman’s house and guns her down in front of her 9 year old daughter whom she is readying for school, then shoots that child multiple times because “thug don’t leave no witnesses”. If the media even reported these crimes, much less played them daily like the Trayvon matter, there would be national outrage. If anyone needs to be marching against racist murder it is whites.

    3. How dare you disrespect Trayvon Martin’s family like that!!! Turn your anger into something positive that would prevent injustice from happening over and over again.

    4. Fear and hate, remember in 2008 during the presidential election, that stupid white woman that worked for McCain campaign attacked herself and tried to blame it on someone black from

    5. There is always going to a few jerks to try to use a tragic situation for their own gain. What these idoits did has NOTHING to do with Trayvon.

      • Yes, of course, it’s only “racism” when whites are blamed, and only “fear mongering” when there is a white victim. Whites, Hispanics, Asians, (and even blacks) don’t lock their car doors, look over their shoulders, and clutch their purses because of “racism” around young black males. They do these because young black males (less than 5% of the US population) commit over 50% of the murders and 70% of the armed robberies. That’s a staggering statistic. That fact has nothing to do with “racism”. It has to do with conduct and criminality that you are doing nothing to correct by blaming whites. Clean up your own house, then rave and accuse.

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