Man Tormented By Racist Images At Work Shares Proof, Demands Change

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Upon receiving the racial threats, Martin took his complaints to corporate, informing them that the company’s culture had to change. The young man says Convergys, which has been taken to task before for a religious discrimination issue, reportedly failed to act on Martin’s behalf.

When Fox 2 contacted the corporation, they released a pad statement:

We have received a complaint from an employee that includes disturbing images. These images in no way reflect the Convergys` culture. Please be assured that we are taking the allegation very seriously and it`s under active investigation.

Now Martin is demanding that Convergys not just sweep his complaints under a rug, “I want something this traumatic to be noticed, something has to change, I mean immediately. In my family our goal is to go as far as we can and be the best people we can be. It’s important to treat each other the way we want to be treated; that`s our goal in life,” he said.

Possibly alluding to the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict, Martin said that the harassment was particularly disappointing in light of “current world events…. “What perfect timing,” Martin observed.


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3 thoughts on “Man Tormented By Racist Images At Work Shares Proof, Demands Change

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