NYC Principal Calls Black Teachers ‘Gorillas’ With ‘Nappy Hair’

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  • The so-called post-racial America is still a work in progress.

    More than 36,000 people have signed a petition calling on the New York Department of Education to fire a principal, Minerva Zanca, who reportedly made a series of racial remarks, calling black teachers “gorillas,” and “big-lipped” with “nappy hair.”

    New York educators and parents want Minerva Zanca, principal at the Pan American International High School in Queens, New York, to be terminated immediately after two African American teachers, John Flanagan and Heather Hightower, filed complaints about Zanca and were fired shortly afterward.

    “Two of the teachers, who were fired, say they were victims of harassment and that their poor performance ratings were a result of racial discrimination,” according to The Huffington Post. “Another teacher, who quit, said she also felt targeted because of her race.”

    In a witness statement, the school’s assistant principal, Anthony Riccardo confirmed their claims. He said Zanca called the teachers “gorillas,” and made comments about their “big lips” and “nappy hair,” according to WNYC.

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    12 thoughts on “NYC Principal Calls Black Teachers ‘Gorillas’ With ‘Nappy Hair’

    1. August 12,2013

      Please, Please Help us! In the February 14,2013 Wayne County Newspaper,( Front Page) It tells of the school violations and bullying and harassment my children have suffered in the WCSD,Mississippi. But, it did not mention that the latest of those threats were from the school KKK note. Now, this same girl where two knifes were found on her is back at school and sitting behind my child on their bus.
      This is not the first racial discrimination . My kids have a right to a safe school environment.
      The WCSD said they would handle it and they would prosecute and she would not be back on that campus. They would not tell me one court date no notification, just it’s been handled. 911 did not even send an officer at my request the day of.
      The children are shocked and scared. I beg for justice. I do not know why help for justice is so hard. They are not going back to school until they are represented. This is sad that anyone would think we are okay with this.

    2. Dear Ms. Minerva, stop being a hater, that my hair is 5 to 10 times thicker than yours, even each strand we’re told is thicker, it’s not our fault; we need no hairspray for 10,000 hairstyles. Both our Hair and lips are just versatile. Do you really need to call names, cause our hair and lips withstand the heat, withstand hot combs and fine hot black bodies. Yes when some black folk get wet their hair does get nappy, get puffy or curly but for some thats just plain beauty, it not our fault our hair weigh more than yours, more than water. Just stop the FLAT loathing; stop being a hater!

    3. It’s really unfortunate that the ones spewing hate are white. We didn’t do anything to white people yet their hatred for minorities is unbelievable. They have mistreated ethnic groups since landing in America and continue to mistreat anyone that doesn’t look like them. When is this hatred going to end?

    4. Grace. you think Robin`s stori is good… I just purchased a gorgeous Lotus Elise since I been earnin $8882 this-past/5 weeks and-even more than, 10-k last munth. it’s by-far the best job Ive had. I actually started 5 months ago and practically straight away began to earn over $71… p/h………

    5. You are so right about the Jewish Community handing people their a@@. How can we do that when we are constantly glorifying the “N” work? how do we expect others to respect us when we don’t respect ourselves?
      I hope they can this hateful maggot.

    6. She needs a pair of lips so she can kiss their backside when she’s fired. We have to stay on top of these types of comments and actions.

      The Jewish community hands people their a@@ ever time they get out of line. People respect them. We need to be the same way. A lot of races are benefiting from our civil rights movement and don’t appreciate us enough to show respect.

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