Zimmerman Defense Team Responds To President Obama’s Remarks On Race, Case

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Who needs a loud soundbite when we have Trayvon’s lifeless body?

We listened to the 911 dispatcher tell Zimmerman not to follow.

We listened to law enforcement officials say that his injuries were “not life-threatening;” in fact, they were “insignificant.”

We listened to the defense team spin an alleged child molester previously arrested on domestic violence charges and assaulting a cop, into a “soft” honorable man stricken with fear of the scary Black boy — even though he carried a loaded tec nine.

We listened. And we’re not stupid.

One thing that they did get correctly: We do need to grow as a nation and a good place to begin would be George Zimmerman charged with a federal hate crime for his racist profiling and killing of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman’s cousin, known simply as Witness 9, perhaps said it best:

“I know George. And I know that he does not like black people,” she told a Sanford police officer during a telephone call in which she pleaded for anonymity. “He would start something. He’s a very confrontational person. It’s in his blood. Let’s just say that. I don’t want this poor kid and his family to just be overlooked…get character reports from other people and see if he’s ever said anything about black people, about being racist or anything like that because I guarantee you there’s somebody out there who will say it.”

Zimmerman’s actions on the night of February 26, 2012 say it all.


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