What Does the TJMS Think about Tavis Smiley’s Obama Comments?- TOP OF THE MORNIN’

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    Take a listen to find out what Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown had to say about Tavis Smiley‘s Kool-Aid comments.on President Obama’s Trayvon Martin speech.

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    4 thoughts on “What Does the TJMS Think about Tavis Smiley’s Obama Comments?- TOP OF THE MORNIN’

    1. The problem with Tavis Smiley and the reason why Sybil should have allowed Tom to address this, is that Tavis is not helping to resolve the problem with his opinion. He’s just creating more division among us as African American with his non-support of Obama. If opinions are welcome, Sybil should have allowed TJ to express his, without judgment. Sounds like she was more interested in supporting Tavis, however. And that’s my opinion.

    2. A conversation about race relations is a joke. Most white people don’t get it and really don’t care to understand what it is like to be black or any other so called minority in America. The only thing that some of them seem to be concerned about is becoming the minority. They are getting their daily dose of fear from all the conservative political shows. Good luck with that conversation.

    3. Tavis spoke his nonsense on Meet The Press yesterday. Thankfully, Professor Charles Ogletree was there to repudiate and debunk his crapola. Going all the way back to ’2008 Tavis still holds a grudge over Obama not attending one of his conferences during his first campaign. He has never, ever gotten over this and still has an adolescent, immature grudge he just cant get over. Man, what a creepy ass %!!#% !!

      • Let us remember that Tavis has been bitter since BET employment issue, leaving TJ show, and ten years of the State of Black America, his sponsor is one of the Banks well bail (Well Fargo), but like most of the Blacks that appear on Fox new shows that bring no postive solution to our country problems, this is how you try to stay relevant by attacking the President, it personal and that sad.

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