Lauryn Hill Pens Thank You Letter From Behind Bars

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Heidi Salcedo, Bethel, CT

Devon Young, Newark, NJ

Ralph Mitchell/Carthage Financial Group, Quincy, MA

Patrick Lanary, New York, NY

Tomeka Ramocan, Burlington, NJ

Birk Paluzzi, Elmwood Park, IL

Ms. Kirema Colbert, Hartford, CT

Derek Singletary, Astoria, NY

Steven Marcus, North Hollywood, CA

Rashad Hawkins, Alpharetta, GA

Diane L. Martin, Philadelphia, PA

Shareen Arroyo, Charlotte, NC

Mr. Daniel Aguilar, Brownsville, TX

Nadisha Postell, Bronx, NY

Claudia Bruno, Los Gatos, CA

Ms. Mamie Scott, Reading, PA

Maurad Ouazine, France

Robert D. Boyd, Maricopa, AZ

Aframerican Bookstore, Omaha, NE

Dr. Cynthia Chapman

We are glad to see the soul songstress is in good spirits. Stay strong, Lauryn!

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